What's Coming Up 83: Front yard design, raised beds, drainage

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Tall beds raise broad questions, pp. 1-3, 4

Fluffy extra soil okay under trees, pp. 3-4

Treated lumber: Still questionable, pg. 5

Perennials that die of wet, not cold, pg. 6

Winter-end: Design how-to time, pp. 7-9

I.D. mystery shrubs, ready to prune, pp. 9-10

Clip herbs 'til spring breezes blow, pg. 11

Cut suckers to the quick, quick! Pp. 11-12

Follow saw's sound, predict change, pg. 12

Gardeners as wild animal trainers, pg. 12


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            drainage WU83 Pg 6
alpine plants, See Rock gardens
Artemisia, wormwood
            Artemisia schmidtiana, silvermound WU83 Pg 6
Buddleia, butterfly bush
           Buddleia davidii, butterfly bush WU83 Pg 6
            finding designer to assist you WU83 Pg 7-8
            starting from traced photograph WU83 Pg 7
           drainage WU83 Pg 6, 9
difficult sites
            raised beds as solution WU83 Pg 2
Digitalis, foxglove
           Digitalis purpurea, biennial foxglove WU83 Pg 6
            dieback, related to drainage WU83 Pg 6
            rot, related to drainage WU83 Pg 6
            poor drainage an invisible killer WU83 Pg 6
dry site
            raised bed counter-productive WU83 Pg 3
           WU83 Pg 8
            Euonymus alatus compactus WU83 Pg 10
           identify from twig WU83 Pg 9-11
            wattle WU83 Pg 2
gardens, public garden
            Hidden Lake Gardens, Tipton, MI WU83 Pg 9
            Schedel Gardens, Elmore, OH WU83 Pg 2
            blue oat grass, See Helictotrichon
           ornamental, deer resistant WU81 Pg 10
Gypsophila, baby's breath
           Gypsophila paniculata WU83 Pg 6
Helictotrichon sempervirens, blue oat grass WU83 Pg 6
            harvest WU83 Pg 11
           does not tolerate shade WU83 Pg 8
           drainage critical WU83 Pg 6
            for raised bed construction WU83 Pg 4-5
newsletter administration and history
            Janet's becomes Janet & Steven WU83 Pg 13
           WU83 Pg 8
            hardiness affected by drainage WU83 Pg 6
            Pinus mugo, dwarf mugo pine WU83 Pg 9
            Pinus strobus nana,dwarf white pine WU83 Pg 9
            based on plant species WU83 Pg 9-11
            suckers WU83 Pg 11-12
            brings us back to our senses WU83 Pg 12
            Dirr, Michael Dirr, we are the noble profession WU83 Pg 12
            Genders, Roy Genders, leaves of scented plants WU83 Pg 11
            Lacy, Allen Lacy, gardening is restorative WU83 Pg 12
            oppressive as.. certain flowers WU83 Pg 11
            others...want to come in from the Dark Side WU83 Pg 12
raised beds
            advantages WU83 Pg 1-2
            construction WU83 Pg 2, 4-5
            disadvantages WU83 Pg 3
rock gardens
            drainage WU83 Pg 6
rocks, stone
            raised bed construction WU83 Pg 4
Santolina chamaecyparis, cotton lavender WU83 Pg 6
            how to identify WU83 Pg 9-11
            drainage WU83 Pg 6
            Spiraea x vanhouttei, snowmound spirea
                        identify from twig WU83 Pg 11

           identify from twig WU83 Pg 9-11
            gardening on wooded lot WU83 Pg 21-24
            soil added over roots WU83 Pg 3-4
wet site
            raised bed as solution WU83 Pg 2, 3
            damage WU83 Pg 12

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