Like many gardeners, we were excited to learn there were pink daffodils. Six months later, when our new bulbs bloomed, we were puzzled and then disappointed to learn that marketers write "pink" rather than salmon, coral and ruddy orange, all for the sake of a sale.

What you see here is beautiful, true, but it may be disappointing when you consider that it is just about as pink as a daffodil gets.

Think the new variety you've order really is pink? Are you relying on it to not clash with other flowers that bloom pink in spring? Try this:

Select" Images" on your chosen search engine.

Type into the search field: Narcissus (plus the variety name you've purchased).

Compare the photos that come up. We bet you'll see that your "pink" daffodil is shown as far more pink by some sellers than others. We call that Photoshop pink, and we are more trusting of suppliers who don't enhance colors in that way.

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