To buy a publication or photo right now

Simple to do:
1) Email to tell us what you would like (use the order form below).
2) We'll send the merchandise you order.
3) We'll bill you.

You are also welcome to just write down what you would like and the total cost based on the form below, and mail that note and your check directly to us a 6648 Ellinwood Dr., White Lake, MI 48383

Whatever works best for you.

Email or call with questions:  248-681-7850

Order form

Copy this text to an email, fill in the appropriate blanks (price list here), and email/mail it to or 6648 Ellinwood Dr., White Lakee, MI 48383. We will send your merchandise and include a bill.

$ ___________ for ___ copy/ies of Caring For Perennials @ $20.00 per book

$ ___________ for ___ copy/ies of Designing Your Gardens and Landscape @ $20.00 per book

$ ___________ for ___ copy/ies of Janet & Steven Give You Trees @ $10.00 per magazine

$ ___________ for ___ copy/ies of Janet & Steven Give You Landscape Ideas @ $10.00 per magazine

$ ___________ for ___ copy/ies of Janet & Steven Give You Garden Care @ $10.00 per magazine

$ ___________ for ___ copy/ies of the CD Asking About Asters @ $20.00 per CD

$ ___________ for ___ copy/ies of the CD Potting Up Perennials @ $20.00 per CD

$ ___________ for ___ SET/s of 3 Janet & Steven Give You... magazines @ $25.00 per set of 3

$ ___________ for ___ SET/s of 2 CDs Asking About Asters and Potting Up Perennials @ $25.00

$ ___________ for ________________ (format and size)  of _________________ (photo name)

                             (Price list here, including a variety of photo formats from digital to framed tapestry.)
                             (Photo name/item ID is listed with the image on our photo galleries pages.)

$ ___________  Michigan residents add %6 sales tax

__$7.50__      for   Shipping and handling*

$ ___________  Total amount to be billed to you at:

Your name: _________________________

Your complete mailing address: _________________________



How may we contact you if there are questions about the order? _________________________

Be sure to include your full mailing address and contact information in case we have questions.

*S&H based on average shipping fee. We'll calculate and include a specific amount on your bill. We'll notify you before shipping if charges exceed this amount..

Satisfaction guaranteed -- send us a check for the billed amount, or return the items.

That's all there is to it!