What's Coming Up 142: Nonblooming Bulbs, Pruning Japanese Maple


Rx for failed bulbs

One, two, many tulips!

Tame weeping maple from below

Tip cuttings from e-mails

A plant sitting hero

  • Grow-organic veggies
  • Hairy fine vine, Euonymus
  • Cool touch test for seeds
  • Growing to Toronto
  • When you pay for plant care, pays to watch
  • Goose steppin' for sure!
  • Mite-y clean and safe
  • Testing your arborist

Terrific twig twisting

In our garden

  • On gaurd for young bugs now as leaves form
  • Worthy waitin' and watchin' when pests strike
  • Seeding in color among the spring bulbs
  • Real late? Relax!
  • Aim for no-squish gardening
  • In a rut, pop it up!

Sorrel's up, insanity down

Lake we need more design!

Where to catch Janet and Steven in-person