What's Coming Up 90: Bulb colors and moves, Liatris and water, planting bare root wide, shrub cut backs and scale

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In this issue:

Color-shifting daffodils

Liatris takes growth cue from water

Best to plant wide, not deep: Bare root plants

Better butterbur control

More reason to leave the leaves

Transplanting spring bulbs

Getting tough with creepy yew: Cut back time!

Rejuvenating a redtwig dogwood

Scrabble up a dibble or cloche

Eye out for pests: Scale and sawfly

Savvy lavender cuts & tomato picks

Green thumbs up to sharp mowers, down to speedy spring

Visual rush of spring: Enjoying the beauty


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Acer, maple
            Acer palmatum
                        spring color rivals fall WU90 Pg 13
            Acer platanoides, Norway maple
                        allelopath WU90 Pg 12
                        prolific after frost-free spring WU90 Pg 13
            Norway maple WU90 Pg 12

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Amelanchier, serviceberry/shadblow/Juneberry WU90 Pg 12
blazing star, See Liatris
bluebells, Virginia, See Mertensia
            depth of planting WU90 Pg 6
            multiply WU90 Pg 7
            transplanting WU90 Pg 6-7
butterbur, See Petasites

Chelone, turtlehead
            Chelone obliqua, pink turtlehead
                        denser colony when moist WU90 Pg 5
            odd weather makes unusual combinations WU90 Pg 10
            Cornus alba, redtwig dogwood
                        diseases WU90 Pg 9
                        prune to renew WU90 Pg 9
            color combinations fail in odd weather WU90 Pg 11
            basic control strategy WU90 Pg 9
                        redtwig dogwood WU90 Pg 9
Filipendula rubra, queen of the prairie
                        denser colony when moist WU90 Pg 5
flowers and flowering
            color change year to year WU90 Pg 1-2
gayfeather, See Liatris
germander, See Teucrium
Hepatica acutiloba   WU90 Pg 5
Hosta paired with woodland ephemeral WU90 Pg 13

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                        indicator of aphids or scale WU90 Pg 11
                        lady beetles WU90 Pg 11
            Iris pallida argenteo variegata WU90 Pg 7
Lavandula, lavender
            cut back hard WU90 Pg 11
            sharp mower best WU90 Pg 11
            as mulch WU90 Pg 5
            Liatris spicata, gayfeather/blazing star WU90 Pg 2
Lindera benzoin, spicebush
            native not fooled by weather anomaly WU90 Pg 2
Macleaya cordata, plume poppy
            restricting the spread WU90 Pg 2
Mertensia virginica, Virginia bluebells
            companion to cover dormancy WU90 Pg 13
            fall leaves WU90 Pg 5
Narcissus, daffodils
            change color over years WU90 Pg 1-2
            cut back in spring, respond differently than shrubs WU90 Pg 5

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            sawflies   pine WU90 Pg 11
            scale insects on dogwood WU90 Pg 11
Petasites japonicus, butterbur
            restricting the spread, timing WU90 Pg 4-5
photos worth remembering
            leave the fall leaves WU90 Pg 4
            depth of tulip bulb WU90 Pg 5
            Japanese maple spring color WU90 Pg 13
            dig wide, not deep WU90 Pg 3-4
Polygonatum, Solomon's seal
            WU90 Pg 12
poppy, plume, See Macleaya
Populus x charkowiensis, hybrid poplar
            root form WU90 Pg 4
                        weak, lank stems WU90 Pg 10
queen of the prairie, See Filipendula
            change of location beneficial WU90 Pg 7
            Lacy, Allen Lacy, kids with chemistry sets WU90 Pg 13
            skilled workman... make poor tools do a good job WU90 Pg 15
            plants are the original chemists WU90 Pg 13
            removed from the world's distractions WU90 Pg 3
            Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, we...sense more than we know WU90 Pg 3
            trees WU90 Pg 4
Salvia officinalis, cooking sage
            cut back hard WU90 Pg 11
scrabbling, unusual garden terms
            cloche, dibble, diddledees WU90 Pg 10
seeds and seed starting
            hardening off under cover WU90 Pg 10
            lank, weak stems if light low WU90 Pg 10
            milk jug or jar as cloche WU90 Pg 10
            transplant to cloche WU90 Pg 10
            affects plant's flower color WU90 Pg 1
Taxus, yew
            prune to control gradual increase WU90 Pg 8
Teucrium chamaedrys, germander
            cut back hard
            disease resistant WU90 Pg 11
            sharp mower blades WU90 Pg 11
            bulbs WU90 Pg 6-7

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            Tulipa dasystemon, tarda tulip
            Tulipa greigii 'Red Riding Hood'
            daughter bulb WU90 Pg 7
            longevity as perennials WU90 Pg 6
turtlehead, See Chelone
            accelerates bloom sequence WU90 Pg 11
                        emerge through fall leaves WU90 Pg 5
            voles/meadow mice WU90 Pg 3
words, unusual garden terms
            cloche, dibble, diddledees WU90 Pg 10

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