What's Coming Up 106: Split tomatoes, shady hedge and bed, weeding, medicinal, late bloomers

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Near done, tomatoes split, pp. 1 - 2
Arbs usurped by grapeholly, pp. 2 - 3
Tips for growing under trees, page 3
Weeding that's a page turner, page
For sale: Free-range spruce, pp. 4 - 5
Orange cleanser:Going green? Pp. 5 - 6
Pruner stumped by prickly issue, pp. 7 - 8
Plants as bandage and antiseptic, pp. 8 - 9
Hit: Magnolia. Miss: Squash & cat, pg. 10
Swoe is me! More odd words, pp. 9 - 10
Janet replants a planter, pg. 11
              says bye to bentgrass, page 12
              prepares a holding bed, pg. 12
Tree roots up, no choice down, page 13
Late, great flowers at 45 mph, page 13



Above: Panicle Hydrangea variety 'Tardiva' comes into bloom in late summer. It's featured in this issue's 45 mph Garden department.

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bluegrass (pictured at right), distinguishing from bentgrass, WU106 Pg 12BluegrassN6311.jpg

Buddleia davidii, butterfly bush WU106 Pg 1
, hickory
            Carya ovata, shagbark hickory WU106 Pg 2
            as pesticide WU106 Pg 5-6
containers, pots and planters
            drainage trouble WU106 Pg 11
, hawthorn
            WU106 Pg 7
ecologically friendly gardening
            plant derived cleaners and pesticides WU106 Pg 5-6
etiquette in gardens
            make the extra division WU106 Pg 3
            See also Mentors' advice

            Euonymus fortunei, wintercreeper
                        roots illustrated WU106 Pg 13
            common in medicinal plants WU106 Pg 8-9
            protective value WU106 Pg 8-9
            thorny plants WU106 Pg 8
gardener's health and safety
            bandage from plantain WU106 Pg 8
            home cleaning products in the garden WU106 Pg 6-7
            pesticide use WU106 Pg 5-6
            thorny plants WU106 Pg 7RobiniaThorn2432.jpg
            Right: Robinia thorns
Gleditsia, honey locust
            roots illustrated WU106 Pg 13
            thornless WU106 Pg 7
            better to start small WU106 Pg 3
            evergreen in shade WU106 Pg 2-3
            thorny plants WU106 Pg 7

            Hibiscus moscheutos, hardy Hibiscus
                       distinctive flower WU106 Pg 13
hickory, See Carya

            dividing WU106 Pg 3
            Hydrangea paniculata, panicle Hydrangea
                       distinctive flower WU106 Pg 13
            maggots not all bad WU106 Pg 6

           dividing WU106 Pg 3

           dieback related to slow drainage WU106 Pg 11
            bentgrass WU106 Pg 12


           scale control WU106 Pg 10MahoniaN4905.jpg
, grapeholly
            Mahonia aquifolium hedge pictured at right
dividing WU106 Pg 3
            Mahonia aquifolium, Oregon grapeholly
                        hedge WU106 Pg 2-3
medicinal plants
            bandage and antiseptic from the garden WU106 Pg 8-9
            Thymus WU106 Pg 9
            Verbena WU106 Pg 9
mentors' advice
            make the next division easier WU106 Pg 3
            make time and weeding go fast WU106 Pg 4
Myrica, bayberry
            dividing WU106 Pg 3
obtaining plants
            gardeners with excess WU106 Pg 4-5
            holding beds WU106 Pg 12
            biological and organic alternatives
                        citrus soap WU106 Pg 5-6
                        natural vs. synthetic WU106 Pg 6
                        oil soap WU106 Pg 6
                        read label thoughtfully WU106 Pg 6
photos worth remembering
            man tears his hair over wife's tree pruning WU106 Pg 16
            rainbow and fishing boats WU106 Pg 19
            yellow swallowtail butterfly WU106 Pg 19

Picea, spruce
            longevity in Midwest landscape WU106 Pg 5
            uses for overgrown tree WU106 Pg 4-5
plant family
            barberry WU106 Pg 2
            making one potted shrub into many WU106 Pg 3
            plants "on hold" WU106 Pg 12
            small better for hedge plants WU106 Pg 3
            watering WU106 Pg 3

           dividing shrubby species WU106 Pg 3
            dividing shrubs WU106 Pg 3
            espalier WU106 Pg 9
            shearing evergreens WU106 Pg 14
            thorny plants WU106 Pg 7-8
            weeping tree WU106 Pg 15, 16
            Clark, Guy Clark, two things money can't buy WU106 Pg 2
            Damon, Bertha Damon, thorns and thistles WU106 Pg 9
            weeds... keep the gardener interested WU106 Pg 9
            misfortunes... their power to harm us WU106 Pg 8
            true love and homegrown tomatoes WU106 Pg 2
            Voltaire, thickly sown with thorns WU106 Pg 8
            distinguishing between species WU106 Pg 13
            planting into root filled area WU106 Pg 3RosaThorn4802_2.jpg
Rosa pictured above
           thorns' purpose WU106 Pg 7-8
scrabbling, unusual gardening terms
            borrow pit, espalier, interpluvial, serotinal, swoe, thyrse WU106 Pg 9-10
selling plants
            finding homes for excess WU106 Pg 4
            plant brokers WU106 Pg 5
            unanticipated collateral damage WU106 Pg 4
            gardening under trees WU106 Pg 3
            dividing WU106 Pg 3
                        symptoms, dieback in plants WU106 Pg 11
Sorbaria sorbifolia
, Ural false spirea
            dividing WU106 Pg 3
           dividing WU106 Pg 3
            flowers break off WU106 Pg 10
Syringa, lilac
            dividing WU106 Pg 3
, yew
            shearingWU106 Pg 14
, arborvitae
            hedge WU106 Pg 2
            dieback related to slow drainage WU106 Pg 11
            medicinal plant WU106 Pg 9
            problems, illustrated on-line reference WU106 Pg 1
            skin cracks WU106 Pg 1-2
            collateral damage WU106 Pg 4
            considering moving a large tree WU106 Pg 4-5
            gardening beneath WU106 Pg 3
            roots are distinctive WU106 Pg 13
            selling to tree broker WU106 Pg 4
            tree moving equipment WU106 Pg 4
            affects ripening fruit WU106 Pg 1
            new plantings WU106 Pg 3
weeds and weeding
            bentgrass WU106 Pg 12
            make time go fast WU106 Pg 4
            See also Lawn
            cat WU106 Pg 10
words, unusual gardening terms
            borrow pit, espalier, interpluvial, serotinal, swoe, thyrse WU106 Pg 9-10


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