What's Coming Up 153: Pest Identification, Bees, Weeds


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First step in design: Art-cropping of rocky plants

Crevice plants to try, and a call for your ideas

Tips for Dahlia trouble

Mildew makes a Phlox go pale

Tiny mites with big differences

Wahoo!  Water can deter mites

Mite-y hibiscus is a "hit"

Big goof in oak or Lobelia: Relying on a common name

Method of munching I.D.'s the pest

Saw-fly a holey hollyhock

Small tool views, and latest weedkiller news

Phlox prevails despite chomping

Bring on the bees, please

Nothing gallant about this weed: Galinsoga

Singing Weeds?

Lawn renovation time

Wising up to scholar trees at 45 mph

Webbed trees, reluctant killer bees

Where to catch Janet and Steven in person











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