What's Coming Up 154: Maple Cuttings, wildflowers, fertilizer

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Love a Japanese maple, make more of it

Trees from seed: Not so slow as you think, and lots more fun

Lesser known Japanese maple species

Cutting to multiply trees, shrubs

One year till, till, till... a wildflower meadow

Visit prairie to know how wild the flowers are

Cause and prevent fertilizer burn

Hard water can discolor peony leaves

Calling for your rock plant nominations

Tomato turmoil: Do without our favorite fruit?!

Iris borers still can be beaten

Squash bugs and a good book worth noting

Gardener afield at Rosewind Gardens i, Osseo, MI

Lawn fixin' & tree pruning time

Transplant a Japanese maple and Hibiscus



Transplant a Japanese maple

JMapleBeginN0930S.jpg JMapleTiedDigN0940s.jpg JMapleRootsSeenN0943s.jpg JMapleStringN0945s.jpg JMapleRootCutN0950s.jpg JMapleBareN0958s.jpg JMaplePlaceNwN0962s.jpg JMapleWaterInN0971s.jpg

Download the pdf to read about the transplant process shown in the photo essay above.



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Here's a start: This issue expands our library of information about:

iris borers. If iris borer control is why you're here, this issue will be helpful, as will Allowed Iris into the kitchen! which includes an iris borer cross reference.

native plant sources (if that's why you're here and you're thinking about digging from the wild, don't miss Growing Concerns 60)

wildflower plantings, how to grow a meadow, prairie








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