See it done well, you realize your error

No sense designing unless we also grow

We make some design resolutions each year. This year, number 6 is "We shall start with people space as we begin a design and leave comfortable room for people in every design."

By setting a target we keep that item in our sights. That helps us notice aspects of scenes we might otherwise miss, and understand the key to great designs like this one.


What do you think? Is room for people important here?

When we try to imagine this space without that alcove and bench as a destination, we come up with a big zero.

Striving to improve is why we share our designs-a-making with you -- it helps us stay on track.

(Perhaps of interest to those of you who frequent the Forum: This area is within the garden managed by one of our Forum Moderators, professional gardener Dawn Traino-Green: Does she know how to tend a garden, or what?!)