Dawn Trainor-Green

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Dawn Trainor-Green's not only a great gardener but better at dodging the camera than any of our other Moderators. Steven may not have another chance to sneak up on her until the gardens leaf out. So for now we'll let you squint to catch her across the lawn, as she gives Janet a tour of one of the garden rooms on the property she tends. 

Dawn Trainor-Green is an estate gardener

with acres to manage and a greenhouse that must be fully utilized to fill all the beds with special plants. We met when she came one winter to our school for a class in Propagation with another of our expert Moderators, Karen Bovio.

Says Dawn, "I have been interested in gardening my whole life (maybe a maiden name of Green helped with the green thumb) and the enjoyment I get from "playing in the dirt".  I bought my first home when I was 25 and started gardening there with pass along plants from my mom and anyone else that had one or more to share."

"I became an Oakland County Master Gardener in 2001, gave my notice at my office job and jumped into gardening as a career.  I took as many classes as I could at the Michigan School of Gardening. I love to read and learn about all aspects of gardening."

"My nemesis is Garden Design - cannot put plants on paper - but I love the seed starting, propagation, planting, pruning, weeding and maintenance aspects of gardens.  I am currently the gardener on a 3 1/2 acre zone 5 property that has an extensive vegetable garden, rose garden, woodland garden, as well as many containers and tropicals plus a greenhouse where we can overwinter those and grow more!"


Favorite place to shop, locally: Telly's Greenhouse in Troy, Michigan

Member: Association of Professional Gardeners