Retired? Biggs Begs to differ

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"Word got around about my Dad's moving and shaking and they ran a two page spread about him in the Livingston County Press," says Bobbi Kuschel. (Our thanks to the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus for letting us share the result of their reporting.) 

Mentors: That's who we want to be when we grow up!

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Those who shape others' gardening outlook and abilities seem to have some things in common. One is tenacity, as portrayed so well in this story we received recently. It's about a man who grew wonderful trees and shrubs and we had the pleasure to meet out in his growing field one fine day... but it's also about a whole lot of Mentors.


My Dad, Bob Biggs, owned a nursery and grew plants all his life. He and my mom moved into a big retirement community in April. My dad wasted no time in getting green things going and growing. He got the community management to pay for and build raised beds for veggies which he cared for.

Funny, I have mentioned the newspaper mulch thing to him many times in the last 20+ years but he didn't really pick up on it until he found out a new friend, Pat Lanza, wrote a book about it. Now he thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread. He shredded paper and used it as a top mulch much to his neighbors chagrin in Florida. It worked though. :- )

He is in the process of having lots of shelves built in the little plant room at the retirement community and also having lights installed on chains for seed starting. He also spoke to the Brighton Garden Club on Bonsai a month or so ago. They even brought the meeting to him. He is consulting with the current chef to build a kitchen garden in a mostly vacant courtyard next to the kitchen. The beautiful 3 story atrium there had all artificial plants. That is changing little by little. He will always be a mentor and gardener. Fellow residents call him Gardener Bob. He's making lemonade out of lemons, so to speak. 

Here is the link to that article about him:

(The URL can't take you directly to the page. It does take you to where you can toggle a date box to  7/26/11, then turn to pages 12 & 13. And there's Bob.)








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