Okay, they're serviceberries...

...but try telling that robin they're not his!


We've been accosted by a chipmunk when we reached for "his" serviceberries, and watched robins so berry-intoxicated* they would fall off the branch after each grab at a fruit.

Last year Steven took a lunch break from planting and ate his sandwich with one hand while using the other to focus his camera on a robin in a serviceberry. For years Janet's contended that robins test berries for ripeness by putting their beaks around the fruit before plucking. Steven's hour of close observation proved Janet was partly right.

"The young birds do walk along a branch testing fruit, then plucking one. But the older birds, they land, look around, and go straight for a ripe fruit. They know by color which they want."


RobinShops3828s.jpg  RobinGrabs3829s.jpg



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