Sun makes all the difference: Breakaway to a Greenhouse

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In Achiltibuie in Scotland's far northwest, local growers knew that the locals would crave the warmth and sun their greenhouse range would afford so they included this coffee house within their organic growing operation that supplies local restaurants. 

In winter we all need a break for warm sun, the scents of growing things,and  the humidity of a plant-filled space. We get our fix by stopping in at a botanical garden conservatory or local garden center greenhouse, but can also fall back on community gardens under glass or friends' backyard greenhouses and enclosed sunrooms stuffed with plants.

Where are the getaway locations that lift your winter spirits? Hop over to the Forum to read and discuss the details of these great places to go!


Hidden Lake Gardens Conservatory, Tipton, Michigan

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Above and below, right: Telly's Greenhouses in Troy, Michigan... where the tempations are great and maybe we buy one of this or that while we soak up the sun and bask in the humidity.GrnhsBromldsTellys3970s.jpg

GreenhsBreakGWN2537s.jpg Above: Goldner Walsh Nursery in Pontiac, Michigan attracts many winter strollers to its unique, vintage greenhouses.

Below: Friend and Forum Moderator Margaret Thele of Sage Advice Nursery lets us tag along when she visits her community garden plot inside the greenhouses at Oakland County, Michigan's Waterford Oaks park. As a bonus, we usually come away with fresh salad greens. (You, too, can rent 60 square feet of raised bed for a winter's growing, just as Margaret and many others do. Call the park offices, 248-858-0906 or check it out under Parks and Trails at

TheleWtfdOaksN7875s.jpg BeloAlpernGrnhsDrN1375s.jpgw: Our friend Marge Alpern can step from her living room into the conservatory all year. It's a room that attracts company, "Hi Marge, good to see... and now, about our ulterior motive...".