For the birds

Shopping for one who loves a garden? Or maybe you're plotting to plant a list where it'll be found by someone who is shopping for you. We were deep into doing both, when we started to look:

More to the point, four for the birdsBirdFeedersPlym0523s.jpg

About 4 out of 10 people in North America feed birds. (The only hobby with more followers is... gardening!)  A good many of those people would probably echo the philosophy of our friend V.S., "Those feeders aren't really for the animals. They're for me. They're my entertainment!"

So bird feeding supplies can be personal gifts. They're also universal enough that they can serve as contingency items on a gift list. So if you come across a nifty bird feeder, bird house, seed mix or book, nab it!

Right: Every bird feeding station can use a back-up feeder to replace what the squirrels or deer destroy.

Bird books

have wide application as gifts, too. Lately, young-uns have been surprising Santa Steve with requests for bird identification books. We hope that's the start of a trend.


All the plant centers and garden stores we shopped were well stocked with bird supplies. All you see on this page was on the shelf at Plymouth Nursery in Plymouth, MI.



Re bird seed:

There have been times when we had to choose between buying groceries and restocking the bird seed barrel, and we often chose the birds. We'd hesitate to reveal that goofy choice, except we think it's a pretty good bet you've been there, done that.

So picking up a few bags of bird seed or a gift certificate at the local Wild Birds Unlimited or Feed Store (our local treasure is Uncle Luke's in Troy, MI) is a good hedge against the possibility that you'll discover you missed someone on your list, come the eleventh hour.

Bird seed mixes in such variety, it's like choosing garden seeds!


Look closely at the sculpture in that photo to the right. It pretty much describes our mood after this amount of shopping, which is, "We want it ALL!"







         And when that mood
          strikes is the time we start
          seriously coveting some
          very special, truly unique items.