Garden ornament

Shopping for one who loves a garden? Or maybe you're plotting to plant a list where it'll be found by someone who is shopping for you. We were deep into doing both, when we looked at:


Storage efficiency experts say, "Anything on a floor is simply clutter. Hang it, shelve it!" We don't know about calling all the ground level in a garden "clutter" but space does tend to be at a premium there. Yet every garden has dozens of tree limbs, eaves and arbors begging for ornamentation.

Space enough for several complete collections of spheres, butterflies (Plymouth Nursery in Plymouth, MI)… GdnOrnamHangPlym0561s.jpg

…lumieres (don't you love these lights, like Protea acting as wizard's wands? At Gardenviews in Northville, MI)…












     …or chimes. In these (at Gardenviews ), we love the
    extremes: Tiny, lightly trilling chimes and heavy,
   less frequently heard bells and gongs.
   Also the clack of wood.

ChimesClctnGvws0477s.jpg ChimesDtl0479s.jpg


Most gardens can absorb quite a lot of it, tucked into niches seen as you round a corner or stop at a bench. Although it's a gamble to choose sculpture/statuary for another person, we can play the odds by taking a camera to a shop that stocks many styles. (The three below are all fom Gardenviews.) We take photos, buy a gift certificate, and include in the envelope prints of the tempting things we saw, where. It can save the friend shopping time and/or be good for some laughs.

GirlJugStatGvws0497s.jpg VictrnBoyStatGvws0506s.jpg BustPlntrsGvws0488s.jpg

Some of our favorite sculptures are birdbaths. We like art that also has function.
Below, we think the pebbled look or St. Francis (both at Gardenviews) is fine for the birds, but in the households we know it seems the women do most of the birdbath tending. So the angel (at Plymouth Nursery) gets our vote.

BirdbathGvws0494s.jpg BirdbathStFranGvws0489s.jpg BirdbathAngelPlym0546s.jpg

Suddenly -- how does that happen?! -- we find ourselves in the backyard wildlife department.