Gardeners of Certain Age

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Kids' tools have always brought out the "aw" in us, but now that we're grandparents, hoo boy, watch out! (Yup, that's our grandbaby, Elizabeth. Who has such firm opinions we shall take her shopping with us, next time.) 

Shopping for one who loves a garden? Or maybe you're plotting to plant a list where it'll be found by someone who is shopping for you. We were deep into doing both, when we found ourselves:

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Considering gardeners of a certain age

Gorgeous! We'll take one of each, and maybe two of those delightful wheelbarrows.


Hey, Deb Hall, remember the year we went to several stores to buy up all of that one brand of kids' shovels and rakes, so we could make a picket fence edging with them? It was so cute. How come we don't have a picture of it -- was it the year we worked in that garden in the pouring rain?

Stocking stuffer… for a kid of ANY age.

Kid, schmid, let's have one of those chameleon watering cans for US!

KidsTrowel0532s.jpg KidsWtrngCanPlym0535s.jpg

Every garden center has kids' stuff. What you may not know is that every garden center has management of that certain age who love to gift the little ones. So they are very good at choosing what suits both garden and child.

The products on this page are all availabe at Plymouth Nursery in Plymouth, MI.

Thinking about kids, we then got to talking about the great mobiles we've seen, and it struck us that every garden has dozens of trees, eaves and arbors begging for ornamentation...


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