Practical gifts

Shopping for one who loves a garden? Or maybe you're plotting to plant a list where it'll be found by someone who is shopping for you.

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We started out on such a mission, determined to be practical, and found:


Good gloves are always a great gift. We both like the West County gloves and get long wear out of them.

Many garden centers carry this brand. We 've purchased them in cities all over Michigan, in Wisconsin, Illinois and Massachusetts. The price is sually about $20. If that sounds expensive, just consider what your hands are worth, and that good gloves like these will out last four or five cheaply made pairs.

When we want thinner gloves for more sensitive work, we wear Atlas  nitrile-coated gloves. More on gloves in What's Coming Up 36.


This photo was taken at Pine Hill Garden Center in Traverse City, MI.

Hand warmers

Great stocking stuffers. Disposable packets that slip inside gloves. Available at sporting goods stores, hardwares and even at drugstores for less than $1 each.

Good tools and an apron

Tools that do the job and last. Our lists of tools and sources are in What's Coming Up 134, pages 13-16 (all tools), and What's Coming Up 166, pages 4-5 (pruning tools)

We like this apron with deep, sturdy pockets, because pruning shears do chew up jeans pockets. This one we can see wearing its dirt well. Plymouth Nursery, Plymouth, MI.


Even the non-gardener has places for a beautiful pot. Plymouth Nursery

GiftPotsPlym0541s.jpg GiftPotNStandPlym0560s.jpg

Silk plants for holiday decorations

It's hard to showcase and also safeguard a poinsettia from cold. Switch to silk!

What beauties artificial plants are these days! Gardenviews, Northville MI.

PoinsetSilkGvws0482s.jpg PoinsetSilkGvws0495s.jpg

Done with being practical for now!

We just caught sight of gifts for Gardeners of a Certain Age... EJNphph0609s.jpg


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