Proof of gardening is the issue as we clip conifers

Dwarf spruce stays tiny and
we draw the line on a little pine

Proof of gardening is an important thing to keep in mind when we prune, since we also aim to meet this gold standard:

If you can see that it was pruned, you did something wrong.

- Virginia Smith -
Smith learned gardening from her grandmother
in the 1920's, and passed her words to us
90 years later.

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Proof of Gardening

When we live up to Virginia's grandmother's standard we're proud, but often at a loss when it comes to illustrating that pruning work for you. The before and after shots can look so much alike that we add arrows and other markers to the photos, such as below.

Below: The how-to of this pruning job is in Cut to Keep Small. Fortunately, the garden's owners worked right alongside us, so Proof of Gardening was not an issue.

PineB4wDashLin3664.jpg PineAftr3704cs.jpg

SpruceB4wLine3640s.jpg SprucAftr3671cs.jpg

Below: In another case, the owner was not around when we pruned these globe blue spruces. We know he would not doubt us, however we also know he always asks, "how to." That's why we took these proof of gardening shots to include in the explanatory notes we gave him.

ProofGlobeSpruB4N8983s.jpg ProofBlueGlobeN8990s.jpg

20 minutes and about 40 cuts with hand pruners did all the pruning these spruces need for two years to keep them small and naturally shaped.




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