Yew can be more than a meatball!

Turning a sheared yew into a topiary

These yews had been sheared repeatedly and had no character. Our options:

  1. Remove them.
  2. Let them grow to full size.
  3. Clip them back, let them grow out into a typical yew's feathery outline, then restrict them each year with an eye to retaining that character. ( An example of this...)
  4. Clip them into a fanciful shape - topiary -- then restrict them each year while also keeping that shape.

We chose #4.

Below: Immediately after the first cut, which reduced the height and width, and removed many bare branches. We could have made this cut at any time. We chose to work in April because it's a time when viewers are not so sensitive to sudden gaps in the greenery (sometimes they overlook them completely!), and new growth will occur quickly.


Below: In November of that first year (left) and in June of year two (right).

CYewIslNov11N2953s.jpg DYewIsl12JulN7051s.jpg

Below: After a cut in late July of year two, to restrict the plants' size but keep the fanciful shape.



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