Yes, we're the real deal


When we got into gardening as a business we were impressed by the people in this field. Almost everyone we meet is here because they love the work. They share information with each other and customers and even with complete strangers who show an interest. They're not afraid of diminishing their position by this telling of secrets, because they know there is no top to this heap, that everything we learn just lifts us up to see how much more there is to learn.

We feel honored to be among them, and here with you. Some days we pinch ourselves to be sure we're not dreaming, that we are really doing the work we love for a living. On the days when it's hard, when the bills mount, when we wonder if we can keep it up, the honor and the joy keep us going.

We want your garden to grow better, your landscape to be more pleasing, your outdoor work simpler. It makes the world a better place.

We're real people behind these typed words. We care. We're energetic, curious, collect a lot of information and have developed a very good eye for pattern that lets us see what others might miss. We hope we can help you. That's the real deal.

Below: Great and giving people in this field: Becky & Brent Heath of Brent and Becky's Bulbs, Scott Bates of Grass Roots Nursery, Cheryl Bennerup of Sunny Border Nursery, Karen Bovio of Specialty Growers. There are a hundred, a thousand more we know... being in their company is a real honor.

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