Where to read or view our books and photos


Janet's always been a writer and teacher. Steven's been into photography for all of his adult life. When Steven was home raising the kids full time and gardening became our shared part-time job to make ends meet, those skills also came together very well. In winter we took our gardening indoors as classes we developed, illustrated and taught in Oakland Community College's Landscape Technology program. We also developed and taught a gardening program for Schoolcraft College and offered classes through a number of Adult Education facilities and botanical gardens.


Internationally-published books

Some of those class materials evolved to become Janet's first book, Designing Your Gardens and Landscape (Storey Communications, 1991, initially published as Easy Garden Design). It's available in English and in Portuguese (!) in bookstores on this continent and abroad.

We collaborated on our second, third and fourth books:

  • Caring for Perennials (Storey Communications, 1995),
  • Successful Perennial Gardening (Meredith Publishing/Ortho Books) and
  • Eight Months of Color (Practical Gardening Institute).

You can purchase Designing Your Gardens and Landscape and Caring for Perennials from bookstores in your town, vendors on-line, or from us. The others are out of print but frequently available through used booksellers.



We have both written monthly for The Michigan Gardener magazine since 1999. We saw that as a great way to develop topics serially, as fiction writers sometimes develop a book one chapter at a time in a magazine or newspaper column. We have since compiled our first serials in three magazines,

Newspaper columns and article-correspondence compilations

We self-published five volumes of gardening how-to, based on Janet's 1993 - 1998 correspondence while writing a weekly column for The Detroit News. They were titled to reflect the column name, Growing Concerns 1994, Growing Concerns 1995, etc. She wrote that column for eight more years -- a 13 year run of 676 weeks plus thousands of individual letters to readers. Then, we took our Q&A writing to the Internet, so that we could illustrate as well as write. (Unfortunately, traditional newspapers didn't allow for much space, or illustrations and that eventually just became too limiting.)

We produced our self-published volumes in limited quantity for the first five years and we have not re-issued them in print. However, we have made them available, with a single index that covers all five, on our CD Asking About Asters. We also re-named them, using an alpha-sequence: Asking About  Asters, Bunches of Bushes, Clipping a Crabapple, Dividing the Daisies, and Evergreen Entries. With them on that CD are 50 additional articles compiled as Outlook on Oaks.

Still remaining here in our files are the eight additional years of weekly columns and correspondence. We thought to publish them under "F" through "N" titles.... Now that we're up on our own website we're going to post them all here!


What's Coming Up e-newsletters

While we were getting our resources mustered for this website, we wrote our weekly column, What's Coming Up, as a direct-email piece. We produced a second CD, Potting Up Perennials, to compile and index 100 of those publications.



"No repeat" policy remains in effect for more than 20 years

None of our written materials repeats any other. Our guiding principle has been to write so that we will keep learning, and that means writing on new topics, or expanding old topics. If you think that's not possible, we understand, because we once thought that we'd write that weekly column for five years and then move on. That's why we compiled them as we went along for that first five years, thinking that the topics would run out after about 250 weeks and we'd end up with something akin to a "complete guide to gardening." Instead we learned that it's very true -- the more you learn, the more you know you don't know.


Other publications and contributions

You have probably seen our names elsewhere. Steven's photos have appeared in a number of books, magazines and catalogs, sometimes with credit, other times not. They hang in the homes and offices of people who purchased his prints. They glow and glide across many computers in his DayDream screensaver for gardeners (available on the CD Potting Up Perennials.) He produced a stellar series of images for an 18 month show at the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens Conservatory, images that are occasionally returned to display. He's illustrated articles in Fine Gardening magazine, contributed images to Lois Hole's popular gardening book series, as well as to the Taylor's Guides to..., and others.

Janet's written for a number of magazines: Fine Gardening (and provided a comprehensive lesson in dividing perennial for that magazine's Propagation DVD), Reader's Digest, Better Homes and Gardens, several websites/e-zines, Hour Detroit, Detroit Home, and others. If we were asked and had the time and interest, we said, "yes."


Still growing, but now doing it here!

For the past few years we've focused on our internet network and a comprehensive archive here. After 20 years of writing we now have a place where we, and you, too, can lay our hands quickly on what we've already done. We intend to use it to step up to more topics.