Big Rapids Trees and Shrubs

It was great to spend the afternoon with you, talking about trees and shrubs for small spaces.

The printed material from that talk can be downloaded here.

All plants on the lists are suitable for zones 5 and warmer but many will grow in zone 4, too. This version of our list is noted so our zone 4 gardening friends will know which plants are not hardy in their area and in many cases, what might be a good substitute.

You may also be interested in our list of trees to replace ash trees (AshReplaceentTrees.pdf) , since you are experiencing such losses from emerald ash borer. Click to download that list. In addition, the articles below are just some of what we have posted here that have a other relevant information and suggestions.

Growing Concerns 531 : Ash Replacement List

Growing Concerns 576: Ash Replacements, Clover in Lawn

Growing Concerns 589: Ash Tree Replacements, Rare Seeds