Earthwise soil preparation

It's the foundation of a great garden, so many of our talks and classes include how to prepare the soil. When the folks at Manresa Retreat and Conference Center in Bloomfield Hills, MI asked us to speak specifically on that topic, we compiled this reference for you:

Download the illustrated talk outline, a pdf document.

Or jump to these articles on this site that tell even more about digging:
1) Drainage  
   Plants that don't tolerate poor drainage, how they tell us so and what to do:
       Yew, roses, perennials
2) Smothering, a simple way to make a great bed with Ma Nature's help 
      Combination of smothering and digging to spare the trees
3) Double digging a stoney bed, and alternatives
4) Cleaning  the soil of weeds  
   • Bindweed, as an example of truly tough weeds to beat
   • When pre-emergents such as Preen won't help
5) Keeping weeds out, with root barriers/edging (don't forget along the fence!)