Shade Gardening Lists

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Hundreds of plant species love the shade. This garden is in deep shade for all but two hours each morning but 50 species grow here. 

Spotlight on Shade

When we're asked to speak about gardening in the shade, we put our first emphasis on helping you understand the shady environment and recognize the differences between shade gardens and sun.

Designing, soil preparation, planting and care are all different in shade, and we have learned that those are the most important hurdles.

When it comes to plant choices, showing you a catalog is not the best course when our time together is short. Instead, we explain how we make choices from the hundreds of species suited to growing in shade, give you examples of good plants from the shade plant categories, and leave you with these lists from our more in-depth workshops.

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Shade Gardening Lists

Our plant lists for shade, include all these categories
Ephemerals: Grow, bloom, and are dormant for part of the growing season
Perennials: Are present for the whole growing season
Groundcovers, grass-like species, ferns
Small trees