Simplify Interviews

We were asked to look at our suggestions for saving time and money in the garden from the point of view of gardeners getting on in years but losing ground in physical ability. From that look came what we think is some of the best, most useful material and certainly the most fun talk we have ever done. We call it Never Stop Growing: Simplify gardening to save time, save money and defy age.

The outline for the talk includes several lists of specific things you can do to save time, money or both. Download the audience handout from the talk including the lists of timesavers.

One list in the handout is our senior advisors' recommendations for how to keep on growing even when your situation changes and the garden begins to be too much. Says Betty Grady, "Use what you grow. If you don't use things you wil stop going out and enjoying it."


With this talk we include a priceless and revelatory set of interviews with 15 senior gardens. Between them they have gardened for 900 years. Their advice is the sturdy foundation on which this material is based. You can download the complete interviews here.

Your balance goes to hell when you get older. All the gray matter you have left rolls to one side and you tip over!
Maybe we like to garden because we're on the ground. We can fall over but not far.

- Burt Crawford -

At 75, he's retired from his specialty nursery,
Garden Path, but still growing strong!