Starting a Vegetable Garden

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Page 9 of the outline (from item A). Below, part of the step by step use of the Page 8 worksheet from the outline, from the images presented (from item B) 

Vegetable Garden Basics

We are glad to help you with you on your 2014 vegetable garden!

You can download our seed starting and vegetable planning chart. On the chart:
• How to estimate how many pounds or quarts of a vegetable you want,
• How many plants that will take,
• How much room in your garden, and
• When to start the seeds or plant out the plants.

And much more!

Click to download:
A) Chart and outline as distributed on paper at our vegetable garden workshops, including page 8-9 worksheets for planning the type, amounts and placement of various crops in your vegetable garden.
B) The images presented on screen at our workshops. These include the step-by-step instructions for using the planning worksheets.

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