Garden A to Z Webinars

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Turn on your computer and speakers to watch and listen to a webinar. We'll walk you through the how-to. 

Watch and hear how-to, right from your desktop

A webinar is an illustrated presentation, a just-for you version of what we present to a gardening association if asked to come speak. The topic might be pruning, Irish Gardens, dividing perennials or any of more than 100 other subjects we've illustrated and described. (See Invite us to Speak or Where We're Appearing for class lists.) Each of our talks includes several hundred images, is accompanied by a written outline, and is packed so full of practical information that people commonly echo what Nancy Stone said, "I've been to hundreds of these things and always learn something but never before did I go home with so much I could apply right now in my own gardening."

The beauty of a webinar is that you can attend while sitting at your computer desk, lounging with your laptop, or gathered with friends in front of a computer projecting its image onto a wall or large screen.

We record our webinars live for a small group of attendees, with breaks for questions from that audience. Then we make the recording of that session available for download. You can attend a live presentation (see our schedule, where we're appearing) or download and watch at your convenience (recorded webinars are available on our Market pages in movie format -- .mov as might be taken by a digital camera or cell phone).

As of this writing, our webinar program is just beginning. We had an enjoyable, successful premier March 1, 2013 and added five more fun Friday shows. Our library of recordings is not yet open for business. Watch our schedule to attend live, and bookmark our library of recordings so you can take cuttings as it grows. If you would like a heads up when we schedule a live session, when we open the library and each time we add to it let us know to alert you about Webinars.