Basic how to and tips for using the forum


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(This page is a-building. Ten how-to tips for using the Forum.
It's beginning. As in item #10, there can be more. Just ask!)

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Tell me how to become a Member!
What Members can do...

Some things you may want to know in advance:


1) You can simply go try the Forum. It's pretty simple! Browse, read, see who's part of the Forum, etc. It's all open to everyone. You're a "Guest" when you just browse.

How to Become a Forum Member

2) To post messages or questions you must become a  Member. No fees, no strings. Look to the upper right of the first Forum page for the
                             "Sign In/Become a Member" button.


3) To become
a Member, click there and:

  • give yourself a name,
  • enter a valid email address, and
  • choose a password.

We wish we could skip this rigamarole. However, you'll need an "identity" so the computer can remember you to show you what's been posted new between one time when you come, and the next. And so the computer can send you emails letting you know, "Someone has answered your question." (See #8's last item.)

Also, we need the registration to ban the bad guys -- the ones who will come to post SPAM. Dunno what they think they accomplish putting Viagra ads here (and worse), but they do. We can kick them out and not let them back in if we have verified first what email address they're coming from.

We do NOT sell or share email addresses. Haven't. Won't. As always, only Steven and Janet ever see them.

4) You'll see that some Forum Members use a full name, others use nicknames. Anything is okay.

5) After you register you'll receive an email from the computer. Click on its link -- that's to prove that you are a "real" email address, for that ban-the-bad-guys stuff. (Sorry if the validation message seems stuffy. We haven't found those settings in this program, to customize it.)

What you can do as a Member


Members can post questions and messages, describe themselves so others who read the Forum will know what basis they have for saying what they do in Posts, chat with other Members, and more. 


Continuing the tutorial for those who have become Members:

6) At some point during registration you can list gender, home town, hobbies, etc. That's optional. Janet didn't do it yet. Might not. She gets distracted by such stuff. Steven did. He loves every chance to mention "hockey" and "golf."

7) "Sign in" when you come back, if you wish to Post.

8) There are buttons you can push to do more on the Forum. You can:

  • Send personal messages (PM) to other members,
  • Post a photo with your name
  • Post other photos (Please do - they are 1,000 words toward "what's this plant?" or "Why are my plant's leaves wilting?" etc.)
  • Click the "View New Content" button, top right, too, to see what's new for the past 24 hours, or past week, or whatever you'd like.
  • Click your name in the upper right, once you're logged in. You'll see a menu to do such things as getting automatic notifications of answers. (Click on your name, then My Settings, Then Notification Options and click away to tell this computer what to do for you.)

9) We can't advise, yet, about Friend-ing and such like. We're trying to figure that out. We have never been on a social network to know the etiquette and ramifications. We (Steven and Janet) haven't yet become Friends to EACH OTHER!

10) We'll post more tips here, as we see your questions. Ask away, on the Forum or by email. By phone if you like. 248-681-7850. We'll try not to phone back at 2 a.m., which is sometimes our email catch-up time during winter.

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Pardon our Dust! We are working on this section and will have it shaped up soon.