Meet your moderators

The purpose and practice of moderation

Far from "moderate!"

The experts you'll meet on our Forum are outstanding in horticultural fields.
They are hands-on people who not only know but do.

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Why have moderators?

To handle the tough questions, advance the discussions... and because our expert friends love to keep learning, too.

How it works:

Our Moderators might be on the Forum any day, reading or posting.

Moderators also flag questions to other Moderators, when topics call for particular expertise. The best suited of us, answers or suggests direction.

In addition to posting and replying to topics, the Moderators may edit throughout the Forum to help us maintain consistency in plant names and gardening terminology.

In addition, they monitor the Forum for disruptive and unwanted folks (is it really possible that such people earn a living by irritating others regarding sex-enhacement products and financial counseling?!)

Moderators you'll meet on the Forum

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Janet & Steven: Your generalists, a bit learned in all the fields.

Margaret Thele: Landscape plants, edible landscape, herbs, soil science

Scott Bates: Ponds, water features, pond plants and animals, trees, shrubs

Cheryl Bennerup: Perennials, greenhouse growing, propagation, pest/disease diagnosis

Karen Bovio: Perennials, propagation

Beaufort Cranford: Birds and other wildlife in gardens, ecology

Julia Dingle: Design, containers, practical gardening, eastern European gardens

Martha Ferguson: Practical gardening, design, zone 7-8

Dennis Groh: Conifers, dwarf conifers, Japanese maples, fall color, rhododendrons and azaleas, two-climate gardening

Sue Grubba: Garden and landscape design, nightlighting

Deb Hall: Tree care, garden care, innovative use of found items

David Michener: Landscape design, botany

Gail Morrell: Garden care, problem diagnosis

Pam Palechek: Landscape design, edible gardens, traveling gardener

Tony Reznicek: Grasses, sedges, alpines, rock plants, botanical rarities

Celia Ryker: Garden design, garden care, watershed ecology, woodlot management

Len Szymanski: Lawns and all around gardening

Karen Skandalaris: Landscape design, ponds and water features

Dawn Trainor-Green: Garden care, unusual annuals and perennials

...and we will add other moderators as needed!

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