A 20 year encyclopedia in weekly issue

Before we began publishing daily on this site, our What's Up was issued as a weekly pdf. Each was a single document of several topics pertinent to that week, an ensemble of  "This Week's Q&A", "Green Thumbs Up and Down", "Tip Cuttings", etc.

We write to cover new topics every week and this "no repeat" policy has been in effect for over 20 years. We also focus on lasting value in all of our articles. So these weekly ensembles constitute a 20 year practical encyclopedia.

Here is that encyclopedia, with main topics listed for each issue.

You can use "Search" to find other items within these issues.

We have also sorted the issues by time of year. We wrote each What's Up for topics that normally come up during that week of the year, so you can open the appropriate season at left and browse the issues there to find the topic you want.

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What's Coming Up 2: Padded knee pants, pleated leaves, hardy mimosa tree, wheelbarrow vs. tractor


What's Coming Up 3: Hellebore bloom, perennials from seed, transplanting, houseplants outdoors, golden rain tree


What's Coming Up 4: Lace bugs, soggy spot no good for roses, fall color from stress


What's Coming Up 5: Viburnum troubles, Brussels sprouts, weed trees


What's Coming Up 1, 9, 11, and 13: Not here yet!
            Working first to post those never before compiled.
            Until then, see our compilation CD Asking About Asters  


What's Coming Up 6: Sedum in trouble, soil borne disease, allelopathy


What's Coming Up 7: September, Overwinter tender plants, Mandevilla, scientific names, Sweden

What's Coming Up 8: September, Prune Wisteria, how much/how often to water, fertilizing with sludge

What's Coming Up 10: Zucchini-less, salt damage, prune clematis, fall garden clean up

What's Coming Up 12: Night lights, ecology, transplanting, fall weeding

What's Coming Up 14: Lawn weeds, unusual holiday trees, Iceland gardens

What's Coming Up 15: November, Water, new plants' roots, pruning, fall color


What's Coming Up 16-18 and 21-22: Not here yet!
            Working first to post those never before compiled.
            Until then, see our compilation CD Asking About Asters 

What's Coming Up 19: December, Mushrooms, toxic plants, pets, weeds, mulberry

What's Coming Up 20: Boots, annuals fail, late bulb planting, Egyptian gardens, kids

What's Coming Up 23: January, Gardening in two climates, tours, soil tests, daffs

What's Coming Up 26: tree choice, shady birdy evergreens, pruning, tree swing

What's Coming Up 24, 25, and 27: Not here yet! Working on it.
            Until then, see our CD Potting Up Perennials

What's Coming Up 28: Rex begonias, indoor plants, pruning girdling trunks, groundcover, acidity of needles


What's Coming Up 29: Cherry, beetles, sharpen tools, prune Japanese maple


What's Coming Up 30-32: Not here yet! Working on it.
           Until then, see our CD Potting Up Perennials

What's Coming Up 33: March, Deer, children's gardens, tree planting, strawberries, rabbits, watering

What's Coming Up 34: March, Soil tests, organic soil, moles


What's Coming Up 35: Dried flower wedding, cool hard cuts on weeping mulberry


What's Coming Up 36: Gloves, design for ugly fence, scale, maintenance


What's Coming Up 38: Dividing perennials, kousa dogwood, treated lumber


What's Coming Up 39: Shade trees, ash borer, invasive plants, wet areas

What's Coming Up 40: Disease resistance, arborvitae, lead in soil, staking


What's Coming Up 37, and 43 & 44: Not here yet! Working on it.
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What's Coming Up 41: Daylily leaf, uncommon plants, easement herbicide, slugs, Clematis


What's Coming Up 42: Vines and fences, weedy lawn, aphids, Franklinia


What's Coming Up 45: Apple tree rejuvenation, deadheading spikes, Viburnum berries, beauty bush


What's Coming Up 46-48: Not yet! Working first to add those never before compiled.


What's Coming Up 49: Potted flowers, girdling root, deadheading, fertilizing


What's Coming Up 50: July, Magnolia, new tree care, growth rate, groundcover


What's Coming Up 51: Rudbeckia, leaf spots, beech, quack grass, edging around trees, late tomatoes


Below: What's Coming Up 51 is a great issue.
Have a blotchy peony or spotty dogwood?
Check it out for a diagnosis, thanks to a reader
who Sponsored its posting earlier than we could have done.

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What's Coming Up 52: Late summer color, mildew, failed hemlock's roots



What's Coming Up 53-62, 66: Not yet! They will be posted after those never before compiled.

            Until then, see our CD Potting Up Perennials


What's Coming Up 63: Failed perennials, Ligularia, fall leaves, tough divisions, lilac borer, fertilizer


What's Coming Up 64: Landscape design, pots, hellebore, burning bush, fall work, buckthorn

What's Coming Up 65: fall color, leaves, bulb planting & storage, pruning, replanting trees


What's Coming Up 67: Ginkgo, cucumber, stump rotter, weevils

What's Coming Up 68: November, Raking loopers, I.D. pests, dress a Japanese maple for winter

What's Coming Up 69-70 Not here yet! Working on it.
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                               topics to post next!

What's Coming Up 71: Poinsettias, lichens, jade cut back, winter protection

What's Coming Up 72: Witchhazel, holly miner, conifers, salt damage, cold


What's Coming Up 73: December, Best of the year peonies, apples, terriers, hydrangeas


What's Coming Up 74: Year's best, part 2: Cold, plants, and much more


What's Coming Up 75: Landscape renovation, kalanchoe, amaryllis, hawks



What's Coming Up 76: Sharper tools,scrabbling words, ordering seeds


What's Coming Up 77: January, Mealybugs, Gerbera, overwintering, pruning


What's Coming Up 78-82: Not yet! Working first to add those never before compiled.
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What's Coming Up 83: March, Front yard design, raised beds, drainage, winter losses


What's Coming Up 86: Shrub/Vine pruning guide, shady groundcovers, ash, pine


What's Coming Up 84, 85, 87: Not here yet! Working on it.
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What's Coming Up 88: Bulbs and deer, peony care, scale, pruning, old roses

What's Coming Up 89: Birds, soil, mulch, Clematis, tree planting

What's Coming Up 90: Bulb color and moves, Liatris, bare root planting, scale and sawfly

What's Coming Up 91: Prune an old rose, weedkiller, seedless trees, wildlife

What's Coming Up 92: Acclimate annuals, improve soil with beneficial fungus, beat borers, grow from cuttings

What's Coming Up 93: Shrubless design, easy containers, mulch, fertilizer

What's Coming Up 94: Partially posted
Un-variegated plants, potbound roots, poison ivy, hard pruning, deadhead

What's Coming Up 95: Birds, berries, smother, rose pests

What's Coming Up 96: Focal points, overseeding, groundcover, tree lilac


What's Coming Up 97: Fragrance, cocoa mulch, earwigs, cutting back spring bloomers


What's Coming Up 98-100: Not here yet! Working on it.
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What's Coming Up 101: Hardy cranesbill, pale beans, mulch, woodland walk

What's Coming Up 102: dormant lawn, lilies, oakleaf hydrangea, weevils

What's Coming Up 103: Squash, mulch, composites, native bloom, weevils

 What's Coming Up 104-105:  Not posted yet! Those issues are in line behind those never before compiled.
          Until then, see our CDPotting Up Perennials

What's Coming Up 106: Tomato, shady hedges, under trees, weeds, medicinal, late bloom


What's Coming Up 110: Watering, fall weeding, drought tolerance


What's Coming Up 111: Sand, hard soil, Japanese maple, prune burning bush, yew, hummingbird moth


What's Coming Up 114: Renew old lilac, borer, trees decline, shrubs for shade, shredding, invasives, branch collar

What's Coming Up 116: Protect no-bloom Hydrangea, running roots, mildew, invasives


What's Coming Up 119: November, Dahlia, lawn care, roses in winter, tool care


What's Coming Up 121: Design, tools, gifts, shovel v spade, holiday greens


What's Coming Up 107-109, 112, 113, 115, 117, 118, 120, 122-124:  Not yet! Working first to add those never before compiled.
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What's Coming Up 125:  December, feed birds, watering pots

What's Coming Up 126: January, scale insects, garden zones,  fireplace ash

What's Coming Up 127:  Lighting for plants, winter composting

Above: What's Coming Up 111 includes coverage
of peony fall color at Milwaukee's Boerner
Botanical Garden, plus a dozen other topics.

Below: What's Coming Up 113 has Dahlia care and winter storage.
We need time to pull all of its images from files and
reassemble them here on Garden A to Z.
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What's Coming Up 128: Spider mites, ice/slush damages shrubs

What's Coming Up 129: Moving house plants, pestsGearsSeekSponsor.jpg

What's Coming Up 130:  February, clean indoor plants, year-round garden

What's Coming Up 131:  Late winter planning, cleaning tools

What's Coming Up 132:  Winter pruning, evergreens

What's Coming Up 133: Beauty in winter, heirloom seeds

What's Coming Up 134:  March, groundcover, landscape design, soil, best tools

What's Coming Up 135:  Finding plant sources, indoor plants

What's Coming Up 136:  Evergreens, struggling plants, root trouble

What's Coming Up 137:  March, bare-root trees, pruning tips, cutting jades

What's Coming Up 138:  Spruces, talking to plants

What's Coming Up 139: Cut shrubs, discolored evergreens, weedkillers, weevils

What's Coming Up 140: Back yard privacy, moving plants, frost 

What's Coming Up 141:  Compost, mulch, prune roses, rose problems

What's Coming Up 142:  Nonblooming bulbs, pruning Japanese maple

What's Coming Up 143: May,  mildew, rot, wet soil, native plants, weeding

What's Coming up 144: Alternatives to lawn, groundcover, allergies 

What's Coming Up 145: Brown evergreens, spring garden clean up

What's Coming Up 146 & 147: June, path surfaces, plant annuals, locust bugs

What's Coming Up 148:Pruning, cutting back, weeds' good side

What's Coming Up 149: Groundhogs, watering time, planning garden

What's Coming Up 150: July, weeds, vegetable garden 

What's Coming Up 151: In our garden color tips, slime molds

What's Coming Up 152: August, herbicide damage, 1st step in design

What's Coming Up 153: Pest identification, bees, weeds

What's Coming Up 154: Maple cuttings, wildflowers, fertilizer, Hibiscus

What's Coming Up 155: August, urban farms, lilac move, girdled roots

What's Coming Up 156: Rocky garden, overplanting, prune a sapling

What's Coming Up 157: September, chestnut harvest, rose pruning, potato scab

What's Coming Up 158: October, prune weeping cherry, oak's planting partners, Dutchman's pipe vine

What's Coming Up 159: Tamarack gold color, design for pool area, lawn fungus

What's Coming Up 160: Dangerous lot line tree, walnuts, divide daffodils

What's Coming Up 161: October, Voodoo lily, tar spot, fall color

What's Coming Up 162: November, Madison, Wisconsin Arboretum, Olbrich-, Allen Gardens

What's Coming Up 163: Tricolor beech, new tree care, walnuts, cut perennials

What's Coming Up 164: Galled leaves, rose mulch, potted Japanese maples over winter

What's Coming Up 165: Spring blooms in winter, jade in trouble, orchids, yews, Alabama garden

What's Coming Up 166: Rose care, prune falsecypress, pruning tools, cutworm, bird seed, wiltpruf

What's Coming Up 167: Clip redtwig, live Christmas tree, drainage, shadow play

What's Coming Up 168: Watering, permeable paving, lawn seed

What's Coming Up 169: Holly pruning, plant sex, bottom heat

What's Coming Up 170: Prune magnolia, pruning books, Rose Bowl, winter chores, design

What's Coming Up 171: Flat-top fir, protect maple, photo quiz, popcorn plant, peat

What's Coming Up 172: Warm winter, nightlights, serviceberry, bathing houseplants, bare twig I.D.

What's Coming Up 173: Passion vine has scale, endangered plants, pothos

What's Coming Up 174: Plant ideas, divisions, gardeners' olympics, zombie killers, steep slope, word puzzle

What's Coming Up 175: Spruce gall, woody weeds, budbreak, bare twig I.D.

What's Coming Up 176: Reduce a spruce, divide bulbs, hellebores, nutsedge

What's Coming Up 177: Work clay soil, stake with sticks, I.D. weeds, keep clipping

What's Coming Up 178: Move a peony, fertilize, wattle fence, watering, pruning

What's Coming Up 179: Frosted Japanese maples, early insects good and bad, leaf spots

What's Coming Up 180: Sorting out spireas, room and air for perennials and lawn, no weak roses, gardening all over a quarter continent

What's Coming Up 181: Water for Japanese maples, other trees recovering from frost damage

What's Coming Up 182: Peonies & ants, realistic maintenance, redbud cutback

What's Coming Up 183: Transplanting primer, gauging growth, overplanting on purpose

What's Coming Up 184: Prune lilacs, falsecypress, roses, annuals; also water, squash bugs and tour NYC

What's Coming Up 185: Design, no-grass outlawn, tweak a flower garden, Arnold Arboretum

What's Coming Up 186: Pruning, and poor deadheading

What's Coming Up 187: Impatiens downy mildew, prune a crab, willow, juniper


What's Coming Up 188: Impatiens, color fix for bare space, prune birdsnest


What's Coming Up 189: Calculate mulch, plant new lawn, design for new home


What's Coming Up 190: Cut down, control mildew, use fall color, race a storm


What's Coming Up 191: Lights, long nights, failures in shade, tree roots


What's Coming Up 192: Small tree bare circle, gifts, tools, cold jade poinsettia


What's Coming Up 193: Mantis Claus


What's Coming Up 194: Quotations sampler, quotes library


What's Coming Up 195: Annual report, winter damage, birds, snowplay

What's Coming Up 196: Overstuffed winter storage, thaw advice, easiest best perennials, lists, design

What's Coming Up 197: Sunbreaks, herbs, birds, kids, webinars, rose rosette

What's Coming Up 198: Train trees, houseplant care, weedy bulb, herbs

What's Coming Up 199: Spring rush checklist, what to do now and how

What's Coming Up 200: Hard cuts, weak wood, proof of life, proof of gardening, running weeds

What's Coming Up 201: Frost protection in spring

What's Coming Up 202: Spring color guide, rose pests, prune cherry

What's Coming Up 203: Weed violets, fall cuts, butterflies, aralia, roses

What's Coming Up 204: Grubs, bulbs, oak problems, Harry Lauder, much more

What's Coming Up 205: Thaw is for pruning, Arctic cold's no trouble in snow

SnowHpyNwYr4456.jpg IrisNiceYDivsn6991s.jpg

What's Coming Up 206: Iris crossroad, killer holiday lights, design by lines

What's Coming Up 207: Quotes to end winter

What's Coming Up 208: Get the houseplants in order

What's Coming Up 209: Snow insulation, failed forsythia


What's Coming Up 210: Perennials that are easy to grow from seed

What's Coming Up 211: Assessing winter's toll

What's Coming Up 212: Beautiful quiz, wisteria pruned, plus rabbits, snowshoes, fertilizer calculator, exercise and instant answers

What's Coming Up 213: Spring cuts, lawn trouble, propping a splayed arb, growing vegetables from seed

Growing Concerns 35: Why a new tree struggles, changing pH with vinegar, mole control

Growing Concerns 36: Choosing better tomatoes, using peat, beating slugs

Growing Concerns 42: Great impatiens, stop apples fruiting, sweet corn

Growing Concerns 59: Clematis wilt, iris borer

Growing Concerns 60: Digging wildflowers

Growing Concerns 87: Renew a perennial bed, recognize box elder as a maple

Growing Concerns 88: Caring for white birch, beating leaf miner

Growing Concerns 89: Lawn ring spot, moving perennials

Growing Concerns 91: Growing under black walnut trees, Gladiolus, hoya

Growing Concerns 142: Mulch estimate was very high: Error or ethics?

Growing Concerns 146: Continuous color perennials, lawn aeration

Growing Concerns 255: Sneezy was wrong, goldenrod's innocent!

Growing Concerns 270a: Plant small or large? Finding native and unusual perennials

Growing Concerns 311: July, Boiling weeds, bottle watering, spruce mite

Growing Concerns 350: Prune redtwig dogwood, no bloom peony, prune Clematis

Growing Concerns 351: Propagate Baptisia, plant perennials, soil test, edging

Growing Concerns 354: Costs of perennial maintenance, beating tough weeds, planting tips

Growing Concerns 355: Inexpensive landscaping, Aralia, cabbage moth, Dahlia & Canna, rhodo

Growing Concerns 370: Ponder peat, design a landscape, fatten the hedge, sharpen the mower

Growing Concerns 401: Finding a professional gardener, great books, roses, witchhazel, grasses

Growing Concerns 403: Improve poor soil, weed by the moon, leaf mulch, slugs

Growing Concerns 404: Hard cuts to yew, Forsythia & Viburnum, discolored lawns, watering

Growing Concerns 408: Find unusual trees, copper as mythic quick weed tree killer

Growing Concerns 457: Shaded pond, cut viburnum, vinca beats crocus, kids

Growing Concerns 458: Disappointing landscape design, finding unusual plants, neighbors' spring greetings

Growing Concerns 461:  Iced branch splinted, skunks grubbing in lawn, rabbits, dog problems, fertilizer

Growing Concerns 462: Annual best, weedkiller drift, vole control, Hydrangeas

Growing Concerns 472: July, Consider trees drawbacks, native plant sources

Growing Concerns 484: Drought damage, plant bulbs

Growing Concerns 485: Mold and mildew, winterizing a pond

Growing Concerns 486: Bring plants in for winter, pansy marketing

Growing Concerns 488: Poinsettia bloom, trees planted too deep, recycle, golf

Growing Concerns 490: November, How late can you plant in fall

Growing Concerns 491: November, Dwarf burning bushes, moving perennials

Growing Concerns 492: November, Garden hose directions, mums

Growing Concerns 493: December, Houseplant help, Hibisus not flowering

Growing Concerns 494: December, Male-female differences in bushes

Growing Concerns 495: December, Orange tree, male, female, tree, poinsettia

Growing Concerns 496: December, Split big grass, dwarf Alberta

Growing Concerns 497: January, fig tree, bugs, garden forecast

Growing Concerns 498: January, Box elder, control, gardening predictions

Growing Concerns 499: January, Box elder, pest control

Growing Concerns 500: January, Kiss of Polygonum orientale, holly sex

Growing Concerns 501: February, Plumbago, Duranta, leaf problem diagnosis

Growing Concerns 502: February, Plant names game

Growing Concerns 503: February, Blue spruce, prune, indoor hibiscus

Growing Concerns 504: February, Sow poppies, Humulus lupulus, blue spruce

Growing Concerns 505: March, Starting seeds, emerald ash

Growing Concerns 506: Prune Clematis, sharpen tools, bleeding maples

Growing Concerns 507: March, Mulch off beds, clean garden, compost

Growing Concerns 508: March, Crocosmia seeds, PJM Rhododendrom

Growing Concerns 509: March, Skunks digging grubs from lawns

Growing Concerns 510: April, Dividing perenials, ash

Growing Concerns 511: Mulch, prune Clematis

Growing Concerns 512: May, Potting mix, brown leafed house plant

Growing Concerns 513: May, Orientation of root or bulb, mulch, winter burn

Growing Concerns 514: Avoid rabbit with fence, plants hide fence, mulch

Growing Concerns 515: 19 briefs re crocosmia lawn zoysia moles voles apricot peace lily

Growing Concerns 516: Fly larvae in tomatoes

Growing Concerns 517:  Lawn died over winter, don't cut tree roots

Growing Concerns 518:  Catalpa tree, thistle, ash

Growing Concerns 519:  June fertilizer perscription, dogwood, vinca flowers

Growing Concerns 520:  Problems that cause plant death

Growing Concerns 521: Japanese beetles, beetle bags

Growing Concerns 522: Fertilizer math, Starting new bed

Growing Concerns 523: Dividing poppies, Viburnum bushes

Growing Concerns 524: Storm damage, over crowded ground cover, Iris

Growing Concerns 525:  Shade garden plants

Growing Concerns 526:  Bamboo, Jerusalem artichokes, Japanese maple

Growing Concerns 527:  August, Grubs or dry lawn, bellflower, black spot

Growing Concerns 528:  Keep invasive plants out, ivy, ants and plants

Growing Concerns 529: Non-blooming hydrangea, sickly trees

Growing Concerns 530: Iris borers

Growing Concerns 531: Ash replacement list

Growing Concerns 532: September, Wild morning glory issues

Growing Concerns 533: Dividing grass, yuccas

Growing Concerns 534: Planting bulbs in clumps, resurrected redbud

Growing Concerns 535: Tulip bulb care, tomato care

Growing Concerns 536: October, African violet with long neck

Growing Concerns 537: Shade to sun garden, planting under eaves

Growing Concerns 538: Overwinter white mandevilla, diversity

Growing Concerns 539: Transplant weeping mulberry, house plant care

Growing Concerns 540: November, Scientific shade tree report, bindweed

Growing Concerns 541: Great fall color in trees

Growing Concerns 542: Acorn trees grow fast, and others too

Growing Concerns 543: Gardening assistance for seniors

Growing Concerns 544: December, How to winterize perennials, lilyturf

Growing Concerns 545: Attractive, flowers, winter

Growing Concerns 546: Poinsettia, poison, advice

Growing Concerns 547: Gardeners share advice, techniques, tips

Growing Concerns 548:  January, Plant Forced Bulbs Outside

Growing Concerns 549:  January, Rhododendron Care

Growing Concerns 550:  Planting and Fertilizing Cautions

Growing Concerns 551:  January, Lucky Bamboo Easy to Grow

Growing Concerns 552:  Reviving Groundcover Bed

Growing Concerns 553:  February, Peace Lily Trouble Solved

Growing Concerns 554:  Order Plants by Mail

Growing Concerns 555:  Seed starting For Children

Growing Concerns 556:  English Ivy on Trees

Growing Concerns 557:  March, Tree Rose Unlikely to Survive Winter

Growing Concerns 558: Water & Light Key to Houseplant Failures

Growing Concerns 559:  Organic Fertilizers

Growing Concerns 560:  Tulips

Growing Concerns 561:  April, Roots Cause Weeping Cherry Troubles

Growing Concerns 562:  April, Fertilizing Rules

Growing Concerns 563:  Compost Availability

Growing Concerns 564:  Compost, Gardener Education

Growing Concerns 565:  Spring Garden Care

Growing Concerns 566: Rabbits' bark chewing is deadly, bridge graft

Growing Concerns 567:  May, Great Homegrown Apples

Growing Concerns 568:  Split Shrub to Make More

Growing Concerns 569:  June, Red Blooming Perennials

Growing Concerns 570:  Choosing Trees to Replace Ash Trees

Growing Concerns 571:  Perennial Ligularia 'The Rocket'

Growing Concerns 572:  June, Peonies Won't Bloom

Growing Concerns 573:  July, Demand More of Your Plants

Growing Concerns 574:  Scented Flowers, Weedy Odor

Growing Concerns 575:  Hydrangea flops, ground covers, pinching pointers

Growing Concerns 576:  July, Selecting Trees

Growing Concerns 577:  July, Flowerless Climbing Rose, Suckers on Trees

Growing Concerns 578:  August, Slug Control

Growing Concerns 579:  August, Shrubs Won't Bloom, Heirloom Peonies

Growing Concerns 580:  August, Mushrooms in Lawn

Growing Concerns 581:  August, Beating Fungus Problems

Growing Concerns 582:  September, Renovate & Redesign Perennial Beds

Growing Concerns 583:  Solving Mystery of Tree Death

Growing Concerns 584:  Fall Garden Clean Up

Growing Concerns 585:  Storing Tender Plant Tubers Over Winter

Growing Concerns 586:  October, Best Way to Apply Fertilizer

Growing Concerns 587: Late Sowing Grass Seed

Growing Concerns 588:  Loosen Soil For Great Lawn  & Garden

Growing Concerns 589:  Ash Tree Replacements

Growing Concerns 590:  Environmental Changes, Long Term Trouble

Growing Concerns 591:  November, Storing Cannas Over Winter

Growing Concerns 592:  November, Protect Oaks From Fatal Disease

Growing Concerns 593:  Best End of Season Garden Care

Growing Concerns 594:  Lemon tree, Brown arbs, Holiday lights

Growing Concerns 595:  Troubled Pine Drips Sap

Growing Concerns 596:  Jade Plant Troubles

Growing Concerns 597:  December, Houseplants Dislike Drafts

Growing Concerns 598:  December, Boston Fern

Growing Concerns 599:  New Year's Advice

Growing Concerns 600:  Plant Choices, dryer vent, part sun

Growing Concerns 601:  Spindly Christmas Cactus, Rose Dusty White

Growing Concerns 602:  Evergreen hedge

Growing Concerns 603:  Jasmine Blooms, Ivy and Silver Maple

Growing Concerns 604:  February, Acid-loving Plants

Growing Concerns 605:  February, Pruning: Shortening Trees,  Struggles

Growing Concerns 606:  Pruning: Cut Back Boxwood

Growing Concerns 607:  Bay Tree

Growing Concerns 608:  March, Buying Dahlia Tubers/Plants, Garlic 

Growing Concerns 609:  African Violet, Dahlia Tubers


Growing Concerns 610:  Bindweed


Growing Concerns 611Clematis 'Polish Spirit care,  honeysuckle vine mildew


Growing Concerns 612 - 619: Not here yet! Working on it.
          Working first to post others not available on any other media. Until then,
           see our CD Asking About Asters


Growing Concerns 620: Elderberry on lot line, peat in a garden, toads in forget-me-not


Growing Concerns 621 - 688: Not here yet! Working on it.
          Working first to post others not available on any other media. Until then,
           see our CD Asking About Asters

Growing Concerns 689: Corn borer, Christmas cactus, cold houseplants, fall planting and care


Growing Concerns 690 - 715: Not here yet! Working on it.
          Working first to post others not available on any other media. Until then,
           see our CD Asking About Asters


Growing Concerns 716: Runaway plants, retirement garden, self-watering, tulips


Growing Concerns 717 - 729: Not here yet! Working on it.

Growing Concerns 730: Natural wooded area, juniper hedge, vertical mulch, dividing, edging, mowing

Growing Concerns 731 - 75o: Not yet! Working first to post
           others not available on any other media. Until then,
           see our CD Asking About Asters

Growing Concerns 751: Cold irrigation for houseplants, controlling moles, gardeners' fitness


Growing Concerns 752 - 755: Not yet! Working first to post
           others not available on any other media. Until then,
           see our CD Asking About Asters


Growing Concerns 756: Fungus gnats, indoor plant watering, tomato from seed, cut down grass, mail order fun, snowy mulch


Growing Concerns 762: Lawn repair, smother a bed, invasive groundcover, cool spring

Growing Concerns 763: April: Prune spirea and lavender, kill weed trees

Growing Concerns 757-761  and 764 - 771: Not yet! Working first to post
           others not available on any other media. Until then,
           see our CD Asking About Asters