What's Coming Up 111: Sand, hard soil, worms, Japanese maple, prune burning bush, courtyard

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Garden in a sand box, pp. 1-2
Fixing hard-packed soil, pp. 2-3
Boulder explode: Sand. Pg. 3
Enlist 'em now: Nature's tillers, pg. 4
Help for a dry Japanese maple, pp. 5-7
The twice-planted new spruce, pp. 7-9
Reduce or reshape a burning bush, pp. 9-10
Hummingbird moth poses, pg.10
Chapter two: Then the yew died! Pp. 10-11
Fine courtyard tree is just a bush, pp. 11-12
Tips from Milwaukee peonies, pp.12-13
Glad to help renovate lawn, pg. 14
Time to weed & remake beds,  pg. 15


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Acer, maple
            Acer palmatum, Japanese maple problems, Japanese maple varieties
                        Acer palmatum 'Crimson Queen'   Pg 1, 5
                        Acer palmatum problems, leaves dry out  Pg 5
                        Acer palmatum 'Sango-kaku' coral bark maple  Pg 1, 11-12
                        Acer palmatum 'Seiryu'  Pg 11
, birch
            birch roots  Pg 7
blackhaw, See Viburnum (below)
burning bush, Euonymus (below)
butterflies and moths
            hawk moth  Pg 10
            site drives plant selection  Pg 11
            tree for small courtyard  Pg 11-12
difficult sites
            dry sites  Pg 5-7
            design for dry places  Pg 5-7

            Euonymus alatus, burning bush
                        dwarf burning bush size and growth rate  Pg 9
                        burning bush pruning  Pg 9-10
            seven son shrub, Heptacodium  Pg 11-12
            witchhazel, Hamamelis  Pg 12
gardens, public gardens
            Boerner Botanical Garden, Milwaukee, WI , Pg 12-13
            Holden Arboretum, Willoughby, OH  Pg 12
, witchhazel
           as small tree  Pg 12
Heptacodium miconioides
, seven son shrub
            as small tree  Pg 11-12

            Hydrangea paniculata, panicle Hydrangea as small tree  Pg 11
lawn renovation  Pg 14
leaves edges dry out  Pg 5
, apple/crabapple
            diseases  Pg 11
            Malus 'Weeping Red Jade'  Pg 11
, peony
            'Avalon'  Pg 13
            'Cheddar Surprise' WU 111 Pg 13
            disease resistance  Pg 12-13
            'Estafette'  Pg 13
            fall color  Pg 12-13
            'Lois Kelsey'  Pg 13
, spruce
            recognizing when a tree is planted too deep  Pg 9
            Picea pungens glauca, Colorado blue spruce
                        size and growth rate  Pg 9
           transplanting spruces Pg 7-9
            aftercare, comparison to established plants  Pg 6, 7-9
            planted too deep  Pg 8
            potbound roots  Pg 6, 7-9
problem diagnosis
                        pattern of leaf damage  Pg 5
            cut back hard  Pg 9-10
            shrub dies/dieback after pruning  Pg 10-11
, oak
            roots  Pg 7
            croquet things, lying idle 1 Pg 14
            Darwin, Charles Darwin, plough ... most valuable.. invention  Pg 4
            Dawson, Bee Dawson, attempts at a lawn  Pg 14
            land was... ploughed by earthworms  Pg 4
            Linnaeus, Carl Linnaeus, know the names of things  Pg 14
renovate a garden, timing  Pg 15
            growth rate  Pg 7
            potbound  Pg 6, 7-9
seasonal change
            fall color  Pg 13
Sedum spectabile
, tall stonecrop
                        on hard pan soil  Pg 2
            pruned as small tree  Pg 11-12
            pruning for shape  Pg 9-10
soil and bed preparation
                        assisted by soil animals  Pg 4
                        hard pan, compacted areas  Pg 2-3
                        tilling  Pg 14
            clay, good points and bad  Pg 3
            drainage , Pg 2-4
                        perched water table   Pg 2
            loam, good points and bad  Pg 3
            loose soil over hard pan  Pg 1
                        sand as amendment in heavy clay  Pg 1-2
                        sand soil's good points and bad  Pg 1-2, 3
            silt  Pg 3
, yew
            yew died after pruning  Pg 10-11
            yew Taxus cuspidata  Pg 11
            yew Taxus x media  Pg 11
            roto-tiller  Pg 14
            soon after planting  Pg 7-9
            compete with new plants for water  Pg 6-7
            small trees  Pg 11-12

            as small tree  Pg 11
            Viburnum prunifolium, blackhaw Viburnum  Pg 11
            Viburnum sargentii 'Onondaga'  Pg 11
            feel the soil to judge need for water  Pg 5
            automatic system not enough during  drought  Pg 5
weeds and weeding
           Houttuynia 'Chameleon' as a weed  Pg 15
winter damage
            can become apparent at midsummer  Pg 6
            soil improvers  Pg 4


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