What's Coming Up 203: Weed violets, fall cuts, butterflies, aralia, roses

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What fun to watch a tiger swallowtail nectar on a flower! Yet, have a care: After that first look, it's a slippery slope to becoming very involved with these winged works of art.In this issue of What's Coming Up, we enjoy and learn from a reader's attachment to a hatch of caterpillars: Where is a butterfly before we see it on our butterfly bush? What happens to it at the end of a year? How can we attract more to our garden? 

September 26, 2013

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In What's Coming Up 203 we posted:

Our Main Feature: Green thumb answer to violets in the lawn.

What we're doing This Week in our Gardens: Early cuts in fall are ruthless, but harmless and pretty!

From Tip Cuttings: Banking on caterpillars for next year.

In The 45 mph Garden: Brake lights shine on white blooming tree.

As our Stumper: Roses need daily care. No misses allowed.

NeighbrCatr3883s.jpg ViolFallSeedsN4708s.jpg AraliaVarSeedy1141s.jpg RoseBlkSpotdN4594s.jpg

An extra, in About Us: How a summer of flood and fortune created a gap here on our website.

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