What's Coming Up 121: Design, tools, gifts, shovel v spade, holiday greens

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Winter daydream, great design, pp. 1 - 2

Conversation with a designer, pp. 3 - 4

Need some back issues? Page 4

Gifts that won't spade away, pages 5 - 6

Shovel v. spade, page 6        This article Sponsored by:

Create some holiday light, pp. 7 - 9 & 10

Cast some blessed winter shade, page 9

Asking you for leafy curses
     and garden verses! Page 9


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Acer, maple
            Acer palmatum WU121 Pg 9

Amsonia, bluestar
            fall color WU121 Pg 1, 4

broadleaf evergreen, See Evergreens, See also individual plant names

Cercis, redbud
            Cercis canadensis WU121 Pg 9

Chamaecyparis, false cypress
            cut for winter decoration WU121 Pg 8
            gold foliage centerpiece WU121 Pg 3

            defined WU121 Pg 3

containers, pots and planters
            winter decorations WU121 Pg 7-9

            Cornus florida, flowering dogwood  WU121 Pg 9
            Cornus mas 'Variegata', variegated Cornelian cherry WU121 Pg 4
            Cornus sericea, gold leaf redtwig dogwood WU121 Pg 4
            Cornus stolonifera, redosier dogwood WU121 Pg 1, 8

            choosing plants WU121 Pg 2-4
            compared to interior design, living room WU121 Pg 2
            winter interest
                        holiday decorations from your garden WU121 Pg 10
                        plants that glow in low angle winter light WU121 Pg 10
            winter offers great design opportunity WU121 Pg 1

edging/cutting an edge, See Weeding

            broadleaf evergreen, defined WU121 Pg 9
            cuttings for decorations WU121 Pg 7-9

Fagus, beech WU121 Pg 9

            ornamental species, short WU121 Pg 4

Hamamelis, witchhazel
            Hamamelis 'Jelena'  WU121 Pg 4

Ilex, holly
            determining plant sex WU121 Pg 7

            cut for winter decoration WU121 Pg 8

Malus, apple/crabapple
            Malus sargentii, Sargent crabapple WU121 Pg 2, 3

newsletter administration
            back issues WU121 Pg 4

obtaining plants
            availability impacts design WU121 Pg 4

Picea, spruce
            cut for winter decoration WU121 Pg 8

            cut for winter decoration WU121 Pg 8

            evergreens for winter decorations WU121 Pg 7-9

Rhus, sumac
            Rhus typhina 'Tiger Eye' WU121 Pg 4

Salix, willow
            Salix matsudana 'Torulosa', twisted willow/dragon's claw WU121 Pg 8

            Sedum 'Angelina' WU121 Pg 3
            Sedum kamschaticum, orange stonecrop WU121 Pg 3

Taxus, yew
            Taxus x media 'Everlow' yew WU121 Pg 3

            gifts WU121 Pg 5
            local sources best WU121 Pg 6
                        Gardenviews Store, Northville, MI WU121 Pg 6
                        local hardware store WU121 Pg 6
            on-line sources
                        A.M. Leonard WU121 Pg 5
                        Clarington Forge WU121 Pg 5
            shovel vs. spade WU121 Pg 6
            spade WU121 Pg 5

            edging tool WU121 Pg 5

willow, twisted willow, See Salix

winter protection
            shade screens for trunks and roots WU121 Pg 9










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