What's Coming Up 190: Cut down, control mildew, use fall color, race a storm

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Helpful, hateful, hilarious and very much a part of the garden. So we plan for pets' participation and share our successes and failures. 

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Issue #190, October 29, 2012

Two new items in Main features:

What to cut, why and how, & problems to watch for. Fall perennial cuts

But what if you don't want to cut? Fall cuts are optional


Four more in the department, This week in our gardens

Know the problem to control it: Mildew has many faces

Oh where, oh where have the arborists gone? Racing Frankenstorm

Sharing the garden with pets: Dog-gone Gardeners

Zoos re-use yard waste: Prune mulberry, feed giraffe


New in the Expert Afield department

Choosing plants for color, predicting combos: Fall color trees


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