What's Coming Up 210: Easy seed perennials

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Professional growers agreed, tickseed Coreopsis is probably the easiest perennial to grow from seed -- no special tricks required to raise a fast growing plant that will bloom in its first year. 

March 7, 2014

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Fruit for the robins, crocuses on the snow

The migrating robins are back and with the year round residents they're mobbing the fruit trees and bushes with fruit including the cranberry viburnum, burning bush and barberry. Good thing last year was a record setting year, with apples and crabapples groaning beneath the weight of their fruit. These birds' mainstays are insects and worms at ground level or fruit such as tiny persistent crabapples. Seed such as in our feeders is a last choice for them, yet it's a 'no go' yet for ground level foraging -- these birds aren't equipped to dig through snow.

Looks like we're finally getting a break to do some pruning, so we'll be out this Sunday to trim the oaks. Prune oaks now or let them be this year, as any cuts made during the growing season put them at risk of oak wilt disease spread by beetles to open wounds.


Perennials that are easy-to-grow from seed

A beautifully illustrated list of 35 species, enough to fill a garden's sunny and shady spots and just make you smile because you grew them yourself.

Few things are such fun as sowing and growing seed...
...if it's simple seed. No tricks required such as scarification (nicking, sanding or otherwise physically breaking a hard see coat) or stratification (alternating periods of moist cold below 40F and warmth over 70F).

Thinking to create an easy issue of What's Coming Up, we asked professional growers to list such easy-from-seed perennial species. The request netted us so many plants and so much great information that we made that list and also launched our perennial encyclopedia pages here on the site.

We hope you enjoy the list and try some seed sowing. Please do read the very practical directions provided by Karen Bovio of Specialty Growers in Growing perennials from seed).

Each plant name on the list is also a link to our new encyclopedia pages. There, thanks to your Sponsorship, we're compiling basic information for growing the plant plus jumping-off points for even more detail and great uses.

Growing perennials from seed: Five easy species

A complete and very practical guide for growing your own beautiful perennials, by Specialty Growers' owner Karen Bovio. Karen uses her five top picks for easy growing as examples.

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