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So many articles and so many photos still to post! Our goal is to make this website our complete library. So far, we have about 20% of our material posted -- that's over 900 articles and 1,500 images. 

We're sorry. This item is not yet here.

We will post it soon. We're posting new material and bringing articles such as this from the archives to the site, every day.

Chances are, it's a way back in the queue because it is available on our CDs or in our magazines, and many of our readers probably have it on file from its first issue.

All it  take is one Sponsorship... pay for the time required to access, reformat and post most articles.

You can specify in your Sponsorship pledge:

  • Which existing article or topic you wish to sponsor, or
  • Which material you want to see added from the archives, or
  • What topic we should cover next in new articles.

When you send us your Sponsorship pledge you tell us where to put your Sponsor message. You can request that your Sponsorship be applied to post this item you have just looked for. We'll be happy to bring it forward in the queue.

Where you can read much of the material not yet posted

Issues #1 - 21 of What's Coming Up, along with Growing Concerns 750 - 771 and Growing Concerns issues 1 - 260 are available on our CD, Asking About Asters.

What's Coming Up issues #22 - 122 are on our CD Potting Up Perennials.

Our current priority in posting from our archives

We're posting first those of our articles that have been available only once. That is, when they were first published in the days before we went digital with What's Coming Up.

You can help us post more, and post to order

We're just two people. We have our day job, tending gardens, that has to be done so we can spend time here.

Sponsor us and we can spend more time here.