What's Coming Up 41: Daylily leaf trouble, easement herbicides, slugs, Clematis

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Curing daylilies that shine, then slump

Finding uncommon plants

Treasure the nursery with field-grown plants

Utility easement clearance makes life hard for organic gardener

Sleuth with shovel IDs buggy find

Whole U.S. can enjoy cicada song until 2011

Great color in containers

Slugging it out: Biggest, most slimey

Clematis in shade: Small flowers shine

In our garden: Watch for trouble, dash about

45 mph hour garden features bi-color crabs

Weeding vs. herbicide



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All of the following topics are in this edition:

            bloom longest WU41 Pg 9
            Arenaria verna caespitosa, Irish moss WU41 Pg 9
            pinching WU41 Pg 12
banana plant, Musa
            color in shade WU41 Pg 9
            pH sensitive WU41 Pg 3
buying plants
            finding uncommon types  WU41 Pg 2

            blooms less in shade WU41 Pg 10-11
            Clematis jackmanii WU41 Pg 13
            Clematis viticella WU41 Pg 11, 13
            Clematis recta WU41 Pg 13
            Clematis montana WU41 Pg 13
            fall blooming weedy WU41 Pg 13
            shade tolerant species and varieties WU41 Pg 11
            volunteers, natural hybrids WU41 Pg 13
            annuals for all-summer bloom WU41 Pg 9
            container plantings WU41 Pg 8-9

            shaded spot needs color WU41 Pg 8-9
Cornell University, weed control research
crabapple, See Malus
            annuals used for long lasting bloom WU41 Pg 9
            change as a design element WU41 Pg 9
            container plants  WU41 Pg 8-9
            shaded spot needs color WU41 Pg 8-9
            leaf spots, etc.
                        daylily WU41 Pg 1-2
            resistant varieties WU41 Pg 2
easement clearance
            impact on adjacent gardens WU41 Pg 5-6
            self management WU41 Pg 5-6
experts referenced
            Senesac, Andrew Senesac WU41 Pg 13
fungicide, See Pesticide, see Disease
golden coins, See Lysimachia nummularia aurea
            colorful shade plants WU41 Pg 9
            determining disease resistance WU41 Pg 2
            leaf disease WU41 Pg 1-2
            leaf discolored WU41 Pg 1
            for color in shady beds WU41 Pg 9
            identifying unknown insect WU41 Pg 6-7
            periodical cicada WU41 Pg 8
            with Hosta WU41 Pg 9
            Lysimachia nummularia aurea, golden coins WU41 Pg 9
            blooms two colors on one tree WU41 Pg 12
            pruning WU41 Pg 12
            suckers WU41 Pg 12
miticide, See Pesticide
moss, Irish moss, See Arenaria verna caespitosa
            pH adjustment causes aluminum accumulation WU41 Pg 3-4
            pesticide use on adjacent property WU41 Pg 3-6
            field grown, best buy WU41 Pg 3
            filler planting in between perennials WU41 Pg 8-9
            pinching WU41 Pg 12
                        residual effect WU41 Pg 4-5
                        use on neighboring property WU41 Pg 3-6
            synergistic effects most unpredictable WU41 Pg 5
            periodical cicada WU41 Pg 8
            slugs WU41 Pg 9-10
            Aster WU41 Pg 12
            scab WU41 Pg 3
pots, containers, See Color, See also Design
            important to know what the healthy plant looks like WU41 Pg 11
            scouting to head off trouble WU41 Pg 11-12
            as disease control WU41 Pg 1-2
            in utility easement, See Easement clearance
            suckers WU41 Pg 12
            Slugs: I pet them with scissors
            adding color in shady area WU41 Pg 8-9
            Clematis for shade WU41 Pg 11
slugs and snails
            effectiveness of traps WU41 Pg 10
            beneficial predatory snails WU41 Pg 10
            sharp substances do not deter WU41 Pg 10
            size WU41 Pg 9-10
            weight WU41 Pg 10
snails, See Slugs and snails
soil, pH
                        adjust with sulfur WU41 Pg 4
                        aluminum accumulates WU41 Pg 3-4
            color in shade WU41 Pg 9
tropicals, See houseplants
weed killer, weedkiller, See Weeds, See Herbicide
            hand pull or herbicide  WU41 Pg 13
            landscape fabric not effective WU41 Pg 13
            university weed patch WU41 Pg 13


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