What's Coming Up 131: February, Late Winter Planning, Cleaning Tools

1/29/12 Update: An illustrated how-to sharpen your pruners! Download the pdf from our talks file.

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Squirming over worms

What a beechy surprise: A tree grows!

Well fertilized to us, sweet snack to deer

Conference for a day: Fun way to learn

'Snow way to plant garlic

Foil that rusty tool

No rest for the Carolinian

Keeping evergreens green

Late winter: Last chance to prune oaks

Winter's time to dream design

Green thumbs up and also down to Sense-ability


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adding worms to gardens
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aluminum foil removes rust
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dandelion - poet Frank Harney
deer-proof plants
Fagus sylvatica 'Roseomarginata'
gardening conference
Great Lakes Worm Watch
Holden Arboretum
keeping evergreens green
keeping evergreens green
late winter planning
lattice arbor
planting garlic
planting garlic in snow
prune oaks in late winter
removing rust from tools
side yard design
star magnolia
Thuja occidentalis
tree growth
tri-color beech
using foil to clean tools
winter burn on evergreens
winter discoloration on evergreens

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