Blanket flower, Gaillardia species

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A potpourri (below) of blanket flower/Gaillardia information as a supplement to other articles.

A plant-based page rather than our usual topic-based page. It's a pivot point where you'll find one set of links to ours and others' articles that involve Gaillardia species. (Go to those links now!)

Blanket flower Potpourri

Most blanket flowers in cultivation are hybrids between annual and perennial species of Gaillardia. They have long life from one parent, and from the other big blooms in spectacular colors plus the vigor to produce lots of flowers.

Blanket flowers are one of the longest blooming perennials, beginning in early July and usually still flowering at fall clean up. This long run is continuous -- that's unlike some other extended bloom perennials that need deadheading and to take a rest at intervals during a long show. Deadheaded blanket flowers do have a neater appearance than untended plants, but removing spent flowers is not essential to new flower production.

These plants need excellent drainage. Often we hear it said, "Too bad it wasn't hardy. It didn't come back after winter." When we hear that, we suspect drainage, not cold, was the killer.

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