Carpet bellflower, Campanula carpatica

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There are hundreds of bellflowers/Campanula species. In that host are great garden plants, such as this Serbian bellflower, Campanula poscharskyana (in part shade it's a groundcover of purple flowers in late June). 

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A potpourri (below) of carpet bellflower/Carpathian bellflower/Campanula carpatica information as a supplement to other articles.

A plant-based page rather than our usual topic-based page. It's a pivot point, one list of links to ours and others' articles that involve carpet bellflowers/ Campanula carpatica.

A carpet bellflower Potpourri

Below: However, there are so many invasive and ho-hum Campanulas that we limit this page to one stay-put, clump forming, long blooming species -- the carpet bellflower (Campanula carpatica).


'Blue Clips' and "White Clips' varieties of carpet bellflower took the gardening world by storm in the 1980's for their long bloom and non-aggressive clump-forming habit. We enjoy the blue violet species as much.

Like many fast-growing, extended bloom perennials, this one is most vigorous and attractive when it's young. So divide it frequently, every two or three years.

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