Coral bells, Heuchera species and hybrids

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A potpourri (below) of coral bells/Heuchera variety information as a supplement to other articles.

A plant-based page rather than our usual topic-based page. It's a pivot point, one list of links to ours and others' articles that involve coral bells/ Heuchera varieties.

Coral bells Potpourri

Coral bells (Heuchera species and hybrids) produce sprays of tiny bells hanging from wiry, leafless stems in early summer, and hummingbirds flock to them. Yet most of the currently popular coral bell varieties were chosen and marketed for their foliage color.


Used for form and steady foliage color

Perennials do not grow so quickly as annuals so we space them and wait. If they have the room to grow they will fill a space and shine for at least three years in the role we give them -- massed form, texture and color.

Here's Heuchera 'Caramel' its first year.


Below, left: Then at the beginning of year two, they're full and shining orange even in the dismal time, late winter.
Below, right: By the end of year two, willing to make us smile all winter, even! Worth the wait.

HeucherCaramFull7167s.jpg HeuchCaramLfClr0099s.jpg

If we want to crowd them, we have to remove some plants by the end of the first summer so the rest can grow healthy into maturity. We can cast the culls in supporting roles in containers... (Notice the color didn't develop so well on this specimen. It's in the shade; Caramel needs sun to bring out the orange!)

HeucherCaramCont6900s.jpg HeuchCaraml9016s.jpg


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