Foxglove, the Digitalis species

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A potpourri (below) of foxglove/Digitalis information as a supplement to other articles.

A plant-based page rather than our usual topic-based page. It's a pivot point, one list of links to ours and others' articles that involve foxglove/Digitalis species.

We're just introducing this set of perennial info pages. This page is in process but Aster's page is complete. We hope you'll take a look there and comment. Let us know if the format was useful, share your suggestions, tell us we shouldn't have this page at all... anything helps.


 Below, left: The classic garden foxglove is Digitalis purpurea, a biennial which may bloom pink, white or in other hues, usually with dark spots within the flowers, which are large like tips cut from a man's glove. Below, right: There are a number of perennial foxgloves, such as this Digitalis lutea or yellow foxglove.

Digitalis1929.jpg DigitalisYlw0813.jpg

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