Unique items

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A garden, a business, a home may become especially distinctive as "You know the one, with that big carved table..."  

Unique pieces that set a place apart.

Shopping for one who loves a garden? Or maybe you're plotting to plant a list where it'll be found by someone who is shopping for you. We were deep into doing both, when we began to dream of buying some of the very special items we had seen:

At right: Sherwood Forest table for 20 (Fleur Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, MI)


Ent chair (Gardenviews, Northville, MI)

                                       Sumptuous garden wreath (Plymouth Nursery, Plymouth, MI) GiftWreathPlym0562s.jpg

Stone bridge (A special order item; we'll ask a garden center manager to locate one for us, whenever it is we finally find the place to put it!)










Below, right: The first member of what would become a whimsical menagerie. (Plymouth Nursery) (This may seem incongruous with the rest, but it's not. Unique items are often but not always expensives. They may simply require require a temporal investment -- time in seeking them or adapting them.)



Old windows follow that lead. They're available and in demand through garden decor companies but also found at flea markets and garage sales. GiftDremWindo4686s.jpg









When Forum Moderator, pro gardener Deb Hall came upon windows that had been stashed for many years in a garage, she relayed them to a friend likely to use them: Forum Moderator, garden designer Celia Ryker.

Below: Use them she did. Cleaned and hung on frames set into the border, they became a one of a kind garden room divider in the Ryker landscape.