Deb Hall

Deb Hall has gardened professionally for almost 25 years

and has operated her own garden maintenance firm, Twigz since 1996. Deb is an Advanced Master Gardener and received her Master Composter certificate in 1995. She earned her Certificate of Gardening Fine Arts from the Michigan School of Gardening in 2001. In September 2001, she was certified as an International Society of Arborculture Arborist and consults in that field. Deb has lectured on gardening, composting, children's gardens, and gardening for the handicapped and older adults. She is a guest speaker for garden culbs and the Master Gardener program. She instructed for the Michigan School of Gardening from 1999 to 2008. Deb served as the Chairperson of the Beautification Commission for the city of Center Line from 1996 to 2008 and was the Arborist for the City of Center Line. She served two terms as the Treasurer of the Association of Professional Gardeners.

HallSunfl1261s.jpgDeb's friend Cheryl English of Black Cat Pottery created this sunflower using Deb's face as a mold. It makes for a startling picture -- but that's often just what Deb does best, makes ya look twice at things you took for granted!

Deb says, "Cheryl plastered over my face and I had straws in my nose to breathe through. This looks strange but actually I found it quite relaxing." (Photo 2011 © Deb Hall)

Dramatic use of color is one of Deb's hallmarks. In gardens weve tended together we would turn to Deb and say, "Color! We need ....SOMEthing here. You can do it!" And she always does, in ingenious, crafty, efficient and beautiful ways.

This is one she pulled together for us on just such a day!

(Larger please!)


Here are pots she had arrayed along her driveway one day:


So you can see why this self portrait is perfect:


Another thing about Deb: Prepared! Deb's work truck is a work of art in this entirely different way: We've tried for 15 years to stump her and have not succeeded yet. "Deb, do you have..." we ask. and in that truck, hung on hooks, tucked in bin drawers, stashed in buckets, she's had it. Everything you need for the garden!

Here's that truck, guarded by the dear departed, faithful pup Hogan.


Use our Recommended Speakers List to contact Deb to arrange for a talk or workshop.