What's Up 199: Spring rush checklist

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Spring's finally arrived and it's time to prune, to weed, to fertilize... to do EVERYthing! 

March 29, 2013

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Spring is always a rush. Late springs arrive like a tsunami that only the lucky, organized and totally focused gardener can ride. With this issue we wish you the best of luck, and share with you our priority order, bare bones, illustrated checklist for the rest.

One dandy new item posted in What's Up

Click below to view a quick, comprehensive to-do list. We've designed it and chosen its 105 new supporting photos so you can use it for a quick guide or delve deeper as need be.

Checklist for Spring rush: When spring comes late time's even shorter than usual because plants are popping up to fill every inch where your feet and rake need to be. If you have questions that begin, "Can I, should I, must I do X, or Y or Z, this simple checklist of 19 items will be a big help. That's true whether your question is general or specific: Pruning, weeding, fertilizing, rabbits, Japanese maples with dead limbs... you name it!

Use our list to decide what to do with these precious spring days. If a few "how to" questions pop up, follow links in the list to see photos.

Also: New in the library called Ensemble Weekly Editions

We move recent news into this department as the seasons change, but we also keep adding to this season-based library from our own archives. This week, thanks to Sponsors' help we've posted:

What's Coming Up 63: Perennials, Ligularia, fabulous foliage, dividing tough old perennials, lilac borer, fertilizer

What's Coming Up 111: Sand, fixing hard-packed and difficult soil, worms, Japanese maple, prune

What's Coming Up 114: Lilac pruning, borers, shrubs for shade, trees in decline, invasive plants and alternatives, branch bark collar

If you're thinking of pruning a lilac you'll find our immediate how-to in issue #199's Spring Rush Checklist, plus links to these back issues. They contain essential "how come" answers to why a lilac should be pruned regularly, why your lilac doesn't bloom so well anymore and what you can do about it. Our sincere thanks to Sponsors Fraser, Jones and Wallace for letting us keep writing new even as we present the whole story for those who need it.

There are more than 900 articles in the Ensemble Editions library. To use them:

  • Choose a season and scan key word titles.
  • Or use Search on our site with your own keywords. Better than any index:

For instance, if the rose pruning items in this week's issue aren't enough, type "pruning rose" into the Search field (top right on any page on GardenAtoZ.com) and in less than one second you'll have links to five more illustrated articles about pruning roses.

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