What's Coming Up 198: Train trees, houseplant care, herbs

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How about that -- she's both a revelation of herbs and a guard against early spring aches and pains! Check out "Variety the Spice" in the Kids View department, and Green Thumbs Up. 

March 20, 2013

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This week we've been outdoors a lot, and when we've been indoors it's been high energy craziness as we work with our Young Reporters on the new Kids View department. We hope you take a peek at their take on grown-up gardens.

Also this week, a revelation: That our granddaughter has a lot to teach us about herbs, and also about avoiding aches and injuries when we resume gardening each spring. In our Kid's View section and Green Thumbs Up we tell you the details

We've heard, "We miss you! We want to know what to do out there now, each week!" Likewise. So check our Seize Spring article with to-do list, in This Week in Our Gardens.

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We've posted these new items in What's Up

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Also: New in the library called Ensemble Weekly Editions

We move recent news into this department as the seasons change, but we also keep adding to this season-based library from our own archives. This week, we've posted:

What's Coming Up 88: Spring start-up, tulip-defending buttercups, deer, peony protection,

What's Coming Up 125: Birds in the garden, watering houseplants, composting, celebrating an oak indoors. 17 pages and over 30 illustrations.

What's Coming Up 141: Composting, mulching choices, pruning roses, rose problems and 17 more articles on 22 pages with 39 illustrations


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