What's Coming Up 151: Veggies, containers, girdles, grubs, slime mold

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In the veggie garden: Water well, eat well

Containing your growing urge:  What to grow, when to up-pot

No black spot on this rose

Groundhog chatter

Slime mold makes news

Fruitless broccoli may be fall delight

Mulberry-dyed diapers?

Horse nettle: Weedy relative in the veg

Even tiny girdles can kill

Holey hibiscus and hollyhock, and sweet, sweet mallow

Lightweight pots are up, rudely raised grades are down

Mentor's advice for 3 sisters corn WU151pg15Dedhed.jpg

In our garden

     We erase what's brown: Cut, slash, deadhead
      Feed the birds on-stem or in-bundle
      Beating lawn grubs
      Saving trees, one root zone at a time
      Time to be excited about iris borers

We real-eyes plums are down

Birch is gold even at 45mph



Here's a start:

It does expand our library of information about iris borers. If iris borer control is why you're here, this issue will be helpful, as will Allowed Iris into the kitchen! which includes an iris borer cross reference.

It has much about watering: When to water, how to water most efficiently, use of leaky milk jugs for timed release watering in your absenceleakyJugsZoo.jpg

It tackles the tiny space, containers-only garden situation with notes on potting mix, container types, plants best suited to containers, and plants including trees that remain in containers for years

Black spot on rosesLeakyJug080506WU151as.jpg

Groundhog control, woodchuck control

Slime mold oozing around on mulch

Broccoli that fails to produce

Weed identification: Horse nettle








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