Blue Susans: Record your support, point us to hot topics

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We use Blue Susan graphics to help us focus on topics you want as we build this library.

As we write new articles we look to see what else we have already written on that topic. We list and link those other items so you can look into them as you choose.

We are still in the process of posting our entire 22-year library (about 23% of all the material is here, and we add daily). So some items on a Blue Susan list are here, immediately available for viewing. Some are not yet posted, and are marked with an *.
       (You may have *d items in your personal files
       if you've been coming to our talks or reading us
       since before 2008 or have purchased our CDs.)

We revise a Blue Susan page to add links as we post.

If you are interested in a Blue Susan topic, Sponsor one of the *'d items:
       Send an email to tell us what you would like to Sponsor.
       We'll post the article, bill you the amount you elected,
       and be very glad we're spending our time wisely
       as we choose what to post next on the site.

RudbGoBlu20_7657s.jpg RudbGoBlu40_7657s.jpg RudbGoBlu100_7657s.jpg

Our Blue Susan flower will register more blue each time another item from this list is Sponsored.

We watch these flowers throughout the site (Right now, the first three Blue Susans ares registering interest in winter damage topics, perennial plant lists and backyard birds. There are more coming.)
We'll know your hot topics by those that go blue most quickly.
We'll focus on those topics as we write new material.