Julia Dingle

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Julia's an artist who combines charm, flamboyance and a gentle care for Nature like no one else we know. Left: In this tussie mussie she created, you can you see she deserves the moniker she's adopted -- the "Garden Goddess" on our Forum. 

DingleFromTwitter.jpg  Julia Dingle, our Garden Goddess of the Forum Moderators, is a garden designer and lecturer, is "Changing the world, one garden at a time" through her design and garden care business, The Garden Company.

http://www.jdthegardencompany.com/   (248) 388-8581





Julia gardens with an artistic vision. She has been a Michigan State University Advanced Master Gardener since 1995, is a founding member of the Association of Professional Gardeners, is a member of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association, participates in the Perennial Plant Association, and is an active member of the Wild Ones. She has attended courses at Oakland Community College in the Landscape Horticulture and Design program. Her experience includes over 20 years in gardening, a year spent abroad studying gardens in England, and courses taken at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Julia lectures on various topics including old rose species, container gardens, pruning and landscape design. Julia was an instructor with The Michigan School of Gardening from 1999 to its close in 2008 and continues on with the school's staff in educational efforts here at www.GardenAtoZ.com.

Julia has such exuberance in everything she does, whether she's in your garden talking to you about garden changes, or demonstrating how to pot up a container of native plants, she's quite contagious.
To ask her to speak to your group; use our list of recommended speakers.

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